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MS in Commerce Program

M.Com. program of UCP is designed to fulfill the needs of Commerce graduates fully capable of handling the matters related to Accounting, Finance, Audit, Taxation, and
Banking. It is a two year rigorous program designed to equip students with the latest tools available in the field of Commerce and Business

The following are the main features of the Degree Program:

  • Two-year Master Degree Program

Program Requirements

Courses: 23 + Project
Credit hours: 72
Duration: 2 Years
  • Recognized qualification
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Exemptions offered by ACCA and ICMAP on the basis of M.Com. Degree
  • Three specializations ‘Accounting & Finance’, ‘Banking & Finance’ and ‘Human Resource Management
  • Computerized Accounting, Finance and Auditing Teaching

Entry Requirements

B.Com. (2 years) or equivalent and Admission test.
Minimum second division is compulsory to apply for the degree

Program Structure Master in Commerce (M.Com.)

Types of Courses SCH
Core Courses 39
Elective Courses 18
Specialization Courses 12
 Internship/Project 03
Total SCH 72

Other Features

  • Banking & Finance Degree offered in collaboration with IBP
  • Two IBP supervised internships in commercial banks
  • 12 lectures of professional bankers each year
  • Students can do MS/M.Phil. after M.Com. in two years (a minimum of one and a half years)

Academic Progression - M.Com.

Year 1

In the first year students are taught two semesters, in which some courses are taken to further advanced level from the basic bachelor of commerce degree and some new areas of knowledge are introduced. Some courses, which require application of courses taught in B.Com. IT degree are also included. Most of the first year courses are built on the prior knowledge of students. In the third year there are three elective courses, which are taken from the list of elective courses. The new areas introduced in the third year are:

  • Marketing
  • Management and Human Resource Management

The areas of knowledge, which are further developed in the second year are

  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management and Risk

Year 2

In the second and final year again there are two regular semesters, in which specialization and capstone courses are offered. Students are offered three specializations i.e. Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, and Human Resource Management. Two elective and four specialization courses are offered in the last year of this undergraduate program. The capstone and advanced level courses are:

  • Strategic Management
  • Presentation and Professional Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Organizational Behavior

Roadmap of M.Com.

Semester I

Course Code Course Title
ECO 4563 Managerial Economics
MRKT 4433 Principles of Marketing
MGMT4423 Principles of Management
ACCT 4163 Advanced Financial
  Elective Course

Semester II

Course Code Course Title
FINC4223 Financial Management
PRMI5433 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance
HRM5443 Human Resource Management
ACCT5173 Managerial Accounting
  Elective Course
  Elective Course

Semester III

Course Code Course Title
COMM4823 E. Commerce
FINC5233 Investment and Portfolio Management
ORG4573 Organizational Behavior
  Specialization – I
  Specialization – II

Semester IV

Course Code Course Title
MGMT5453 Strategic Management
CUMM5643 Presentation and Professional Development
  Specialization – III
  Specialization – IV

Discipline Related Courses

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
ECO 4563  Managerial Economics 3
MRKT 4433 Principles of Marketing 3
MGMT 4423 Principles of Management  3
ACCT 4163 Advanced Financial Accounting 3
FINC 4223 Financial Management 3
PRMI 5433 Principles of Risk Mgmt. and Insurance 3
HRM 5443 Human Resource Management  3
ACCT 5173 Managerial Accounting 3
COMM 4823 E-Commerce 3
FINC 5233 Investment and Portfolio Management 3
ORG4573 Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT5453 Strategic Management 3
MGMT 5453 Strategic Management 3
CUMM 5643 Presentation and Professional Development 3
Total Credit Hours of Mandatory Courses 39

Elective Courses

(Any six courses from the list i.e. 18 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs
QUT4733 Quantitative Techniques in Business 3
LOG5913 Logical and Critical Thinking 3
ENT5453 Entrepreneurship 3
LAW4343 Corporate and Commercial Law 3
CORP 6913 Corporate Governance 3
SOC4223 Introduction to Sociology 3
OPM5463 Operations Management 3
RES4713 Research Methods in Business 3
BUS5463 International Business 3
PSY5597 Business Psychology 3
ACCT4183 Computerized Accountin 3
Total Credit Hours of Elective Courses 18

List of Specialization Courses

(Any four courses from the list i.e. 12 Cr. Hrs.)

Accounting & Finance

Course Code Course Title
ACCT 5053 Corporate Financial Reporting
FINC 5243 Corporate Finance
ACCT 5063 Corporate Accounting
FIN5323 Financial Analysis
TAX 3143 Taxation Management
AUD 5193 Advanced Audit
FINC 5253 Corporate Risk Management
FINC 5263 Financial Modeling
FINC 5273 International Financial Markets

Banking & Finance

Course Code Course Title
BNK 3163 Banking Laws & Practice
BNK 5463 Islamic & Central Banking
BNK 5933 International Banking & Trade Finance
BNK 5943 Project Appraisal and Credit Management
FINC 5243 Corporate Finance
FIN5323 Financial Analysis
BNK 5953 Treasury Management
BNK 5963 Bank Financial Management
BNK 5973 Bank Risk Management

Human Resource Management

Course Code Course Title
HRM5953 Human Resource Development
HRM5913 Strategic HRM
HRM5963 Organizational Planning
HRM5923 Performance and Compensation Management
HRM5933 Recruitment & Selection
HRM5943 Training & Development
HRM5973 Organizational Development

MS (Commerce) Program

MS in Commerce is an eighteen months program. The courses offered are in line with the HEC requirements of MS in Commerce. Highly qualified faculty members teach all courses with emphasis on research. This program leads to eighteen-year qualification and a candidate qualifies for admission after sixteen years of study.

Program Requirements MS (Commerce)

Courses: 12
Credit hours: 36
Duration: 1 1/2 Years

Entry Requirements:

M. Com. (16 years)B.Com. - Honors (16 years), BBA (Honors) BS in the relevant area or Equivalent Qualifications, GAT General with 50% cumulative score, Admission Test (As required by HEC), and Interview.

Course Requirements

Four compulsory courses out of the following six courses:

Advanced Research Methodology Corporate Governance
Econometrics Inferential Statistics
Issues in Contemporary Business Philosophy of Social Sciences

Eight courses from respective Field of specialization:

Advanced Corporate Finance Econometric Models
Financial Modeling International Trade and Finance
Investment Portfolio Management Issues in Economy of Pakistan
Microfinance Performance Analysis and Management
Research Applications in Commerce Research Methods and Manuscript writing
Small and Medium Enterprise Management Strategic Business Management
Strategic Financial Management Transnational Management