NISA: an opportunity to discover a diva in you

NISA Comprise:
Novel, Unique and Creative
Inspiring, Innovative and Entrepreneurial
Stylistic, Sophisticated and Scholarly
Ardent, diligent and resilient


NISA is an only for girls society, which will help female students of UCP to develop and groom their personalities. It will counsel, mentor and guide students in polishing their intellectual and social skills to gain self confidence. The purpose is to help girls in identifying constructive roles for themselves and fulfill their rightful obligations in life. With us they will learn to speak up for themselves to protect and defend their rights. NISA will organize independent events and it will participate in other events within and outside UCP that will provide opportunities for healthy entertainment, recreation and soulful learning.


  • To organize all girls social events for entertainment and recreation
  • To conduct seminars and workshops to develop professional skills of students
  • To appreciate and reinforce distinguished skills of female students of UCP
  • To create student role models
  • To prepare women of future who will fulfill societal and citizenship demands