Societies & Clubs at UCP
Association of Computing Machinery
Blood Donor Society
Catalyst Society
Character Building Society
Debating Society
Dramatic Club
Explorerz Club
Health Club
IDEAS Entrepreneurial Society
Inclusive Student Society
Islamic Society
Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia
Nome de Plume - (Literary Club)
Music Society - Plektra
Movie Club
NISA Society
Photography Club
Psychology Society
Society for Electronics& Telecommunication (SET)
Society for Mechanical Engineering
Sports Club
The Usher's Club
Ulrich’s HR Forum

Sr No. Society Patron
1. Catalyst Society Prof. Ather Azim
2. Debating Society Prof.Fesal Toosy
3. Dramatic Club Prof.Ayesha Kashif
4. Music Society-Plektra Mr. Khalid
5. Explorerz Club Prof. Imran Cheema
6. IDEAS Entrepreneurial Society Prof.Rasheed Khalid
7. Islamic Society Prof. Saajid Amin
8. Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia Prof. M. Rafeeq
9. Literary Society-Nom De Plume Prof. Zamir Naqvi
10. Movie club Prof. Tahira Azam
11. NISA Society Prof. Seema Arif
12. Society for Electronics & Telecommunication
Prof. Nabeel Khalid
13. Psychology Society Prof. Momina
14. Sports Club Muhammad Nouman Azeem
15. Ulrich’s HR Forum Prof. Irfan Saleem
16. Usher’s Club Prof. Tahir Ashfaq
17. Photography Club Prof. Madiha Hamid
18. Character Building Society Prof. Tahir Ashfaq
19. Inclusive Student Society Prof. Salman Misbah
20. Health Club Prof. Irfan Bashir
21. Society for Mechanical Engineering Dr. Rizwan Shad
22. ACM Prof. Mohsin Abbas
23. IEEE Prof. Bilal Arshad
24. Blood Donor Society Prof. Yaqoob Javed
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