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Labor Day

Around the globe May 1st holds immense importance to mark the legacy of those workers who stood for their rights. The Labor Day, as it is called, is a day where workers increasingly put forward their miseries and unravel the conditions that they face. YEF took on a different initiative for the day.

As young economist we strive to turn the spotlight on those who are neglected and are yet so special. So, YEF invited officials from government’s labor department and other NGOs working for labor rights. YEF invited children from Falah Foundation whose outstanding performances did not only steal the show but also stole the hearts of an ecstatic crowd.

The purpose of the event was to highlight and showcase the challenges that a niche in the labor market faces. Simultaneously, the talents of the special people needed to be highlighted so they can also work well in the productive labor force. This successful event was small but a formidable step in making the world believe that by including and training such labor, our GDP can flourish and these people can enjoy better standard of living.

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