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Math Workshop

The subject that so many of us loath at became blissful on this day when YEF decided to bring fun into one of the most “dreaded” subject, mathematics! This mathematics workshop was carried out by Ms.Fouzia Awan who is a senior lecturer at UCP’s Economics Department. The fun filled Maths-mania as we would call it, familiarized students with tricks and techniques in mathematics that would make mathematics more interesting.

Mathematics continues to be an imperative for such varied disciplines, but at times the importance of mathematics is undermined. This workshop was aimed to promote a relatively “softer” image of mathematics and simultaneously to teach the practical applicability of the subject. Furthermore, the students were also taught the vitality of the subject, and we believe that it has played a pivotal role in personal developments of the students.

YEF is not a society built specifically for economics. We believe that it is our responsibility to help all the students. A small but highly appreciated effort of YEF left a smile on so many faces. Learning with fun! What a delightful combination!

Team YEF would like to thank the audience who continued to make us special and Ms.Fouzia for her wonderful and delightful efforts at making banal subject, such a pleasure to study.


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