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The amateurs of Young Economists Forum (YEF) conducted a seminar: “The State of Health and Education in Pakistan” and YEF can proudly boast that the speakers were students from the economics department. The seminar was aimed to promote an extensive and a vast understanding how these sectors have been performing over the past. The objective of the seminar was to shed light on what the private and the public sectors are doing. After analyzing the dynamics of these sectors from a broader spectrum, the speakers posited a few policy measures that could be taken to ameliorate the deteriorating economic situation in Pakistan. However, the speakers aimed to promote a novel approach. The speakers also negated the extreme views of “perfection” and “utter negligence” suggesting that while a lot may have been done a lot needs to be done.

The development of human capital is vital when it comes to strengthening of the nation’s future and its growth in the international arena. Health and education sectors have been in the spotlight for many years at the national and international level in Pakistan. YEF believes in enlightening the youth with the dynamics of such problem solving abilities.

YEF continues to show commitment and devotion to its cause. By providing platforms like these, YEF promotes knowledge combined with practicality. The seminar was attended by and students and instructors from various faculties of UCP.

Team YEF continues to reach new milestones with such seminars and team YEF is truly humbled by the support it is gaining.


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