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Mohammad Hassaan Bin Zafar, presented a research paper "Elucidating Income Inequality in Context of Agglomeration: A Study Based on Time Series Analysis of Pakistan." in International Conference on the State of Pakistan's Economy held at Institute of Business Management (IoBM) Karachi, September, 2016. (Paper by Asim Iqbal and Mohammad Hassaan Bin Zafar).

Fouzia Awan Presented a research paper “Foreign Direct Investment and Institutional Quality: Empirical Evidence from Countries with Different Income Levels” in 2016 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF), July 27-28, 2016, held at East Asia Institute of Management Campus, Singapore.

Asim Iqbal and Muhammad Wasif Siddiqi, Submitted Research Work for publication, “Pattern and Sources of Agglomeration Economies in the Large Scale Manufacturing Industries of Punjab in Pakistan”

Sehrish Tariq and Asim Iqbal, Submitted Research Work for publication, “Spatial Agglomeration, Localized Competition and Productivity of Manufacturing Sector in Punjab”

Kashif Munir and Maryam Sulatn (2016), “Are Some Taxes Better for Growth in Pakistan? A Time Series Analysis”, Working Paper, MPRA Paper No. 68828

Asim Iqbal and Muhammad Wasif Siddiqi, Submitted Research Work for publication “Efficiency and Productivity of Manufacturing Sector of Punjab in Pakistan: An Application of Bootstrap Malmaquist Index”.

Maryam Zafar and Asim Iqbal, Submitted Research Work for publication “Agglomeration Economies and Poverty Reduction: An Analysis of Household Head’s Profile in Punjab, Pakistan”

Fouzia Awan, Research paper “Institutional Governance, Aid and Economic Growth: A case of South Asian Countries” published by European Journal of Business Research (EJBR) , Volume 15, Number 1, pp. 45-54, ISSN: 1945-2977, March 2015, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria.

Nisma Riffat and Kashif Munir (2015), “Exploring the Channels and Impact of Debt on Economic Growth in South Asia”, Working Paper MPRA Paper No. 66830

Bilal Muhammad Yaseen, presented a research paper titled “Fiscal Deficit and Inflation: Causality and Co integration; The Case for Pakistan” at AICLEP 2015 conference on 14-16 September 2015 held at University of Oxford, UK.

Fouzia Awan, Presented research paper “Institutional Governance, Aid and Economic Growth: A case of South Asian Countries” at the International Academy of Business and Economics IABE-2015 Orlando – Winter Conference, March 22-24, 2015, in Orlando Florida, USA.

Maryam Sulatn and Kashif Munir (2015), “Export, Import and Total Trade Potential of Pakistan: A Gravity Model Approach”, Working Paper MPRA Paper No. 66621

Shahzad Arshad and Kashif Munir (2015), Factor Accumulation and Economic Growth in Pakistan: Incorporating Human Capital, Working Paper, MPRA Paper No. 67012 

Kashif Munir (2015), Dynamic Effects of Monetary Policy on Output and Prices in Pakistan: A Disaggregate Analysis, Journal of Asia Pacific Economy (Under Review)

Ayesha Kanwal and Kashif Munir (2015), “The Impact of Educational and Gender Inequality on Income Inequality in South Asia”, Working Paper MPRA Paper No. 66661

Kashif Munir (2015), Measuring the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy on Money and Credit in Pakistan, Portuguese Economic Journal (Under Review)

Taseer Salahuddin (2014), “Multidimensional Deprivation Spectrum: An Alternate Route to Measure Poverty”, The 13th Islamic Countries Conference on Statistical Sciences IPB International Convention Center, Bogor, Indonesia

Kashif Munir, Paper titled “Measuring the effects of monetary policy on macroeconomics variable of Pakistan: a factor augmented vector autoregressive approach” published in Empirical Economics, 2014.                                                                                                  

Fouzia Awan, Research paper “Key Factors Contributing to Agricultural Growth in Pakistan” published by Journal of Agriculture Economics and Development, ID=475, Vol. 1(2), pp. 006-013, ISBN: 2327-3151, January 2013, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Research Projects by the Students of Economics Department 2015/2016

Supervisor Students Research Title
Fouzia Awan Zainab Yousuf Impact of Terrorism on FDI Inflows of Pakistan
Fouzia Awan Adeel Raza Foreign aid and fiscal Behavior of Government of Pakistan
Fouzia Awan Muhammad Hasnain Impact of Domestic Financing on the Renewable Energy Consumption
Fouzia Awan Ammara Riaz Effect of Foreign Aid on GDP Growth of Pakistan
Fouzia Awan Rimsha Imtiaz The relationship between energy consumption and economic growth in Pakistan
Fouzia Awan Sehrish Kanwal Urbanization Economic Growth & Energy Consumption in Pakistan
Fouzia Awan Ayesha javed Student performance, teacher expectation & Pygmalion effect
Bilal Muhammad Yaseen Ahmad Ijaz Women Empowerment and its relationship with education, self-confidence and family stability
Bilal Muhammad Yaseen Sadaf Jahangir Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Pakistan
Bilal Muhammad Yaseen Fateh Muhammad Khan Trade Openness and Economic Growth
Bilal Muhammad Yaseen Ali Asghar Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle: The Case for Pakistan
Bilal Muhammad Yaseen Tabeer Riaz Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Nexus: Co-integration and Causality tests for Pakistan
Asim Iqbal Hira Saleem Socioeconomic and Demographic Determinants of Happiness: A Case Study from the UCP Students
Asim Iqbal Hamza Ramzan Dynamics of Monetary Policy and Stock Market: Evidences from low and low middle income countries
Asim Iqbal Zohra Fatima Does Ricardian Equivalence Hold in Pakistan?
Asim Iqbal Sehrish Tariq Spatial Clustering, Localized Competition and Productivity of Manufacturing Sector in Punjab
Asim Iqbal Maryam Zafar Agglomeration Economies and Poverty Reduction in Punjab: An Analysis of Household Head’s Profile
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