Online Teaching


April 1, 2020

University of Central Punjab

Online Teaching

This policy is extraordinary and is not applicable under normal circumstances. It has been framed under HEC guidelines referred to as COVID-19 Policy Guidance No. 4, dated 28, March 2020, wherein Universities are encouraged to adopt online teaching methodologies to safeguard students’ precious time in wake of COVID-19, Pandemic. To contribute effectively in an uncertain situation which engulfed the entire globe, University administration has decided to adopt online education for its graduate and undergraduate degree programs, and this facility shall be called as Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This is an established technique and has successfully been adopted by many good institutions in numerous developed and academically advanced countries of the world.

It is pertinent to mention here that VLE is adopted by the University with one prime objective that is, to facilitate its students to complete their degree programs on time. Because, COVID-19, Pandemic has created uncertainties which demands that we should act in proactive manners and waiting for normalcy to return without utilizing the current time in productive manner would not be a wise decision. Especially, in those cases which involve the education of the young generation of the country. A successful functioning of VLE will, therefore, be a collective effort which includes students, teachers and administrative staff of the University.

Keeping in view the aforementioned facts, VLE has been established and its salient features are as under:

i. Classes of VLE shall be conducted remotely as per the published timetable of the University using information technology and other such facilities as deemed appropriate.

ii. Students registered in Spring 2020 semester shall be treated as VLE registered students.

iii. The concerned Course or Lab Instructor, in consultation with the University administration, shall make necessary arrangements to establish virtual classroom using University approved tools.

iv. Instructor shall not be allowed to cancel or change a class without the prior approval of concerned HoD/Dean.

v. HoD/Dean shall submit a report on daily basis regarding ‘Classes/Labs Held Status’ as per the standard format.

vi. It is mandatory for all registered students to attend these classes and the Instructor shall keep a record of the attendees.

vii. It shall be the responsibility of the Instructor to provide the lecture material through University Portal and other such tools to make the learning environment conducive for the students.

viii. University regulations regarding registration, withdrawal, drop, fee submission and semester break shall be applicable. However, special circumstances faced by a student shall be considered while applying these regulations.

ix. VLE Courses/Labs shall be assessed through a unified Assessment Mechanism having following components:

Pre-Final Assessment 60%
Final Exam 40%

x. Pre-final assessment may include assignments; quizzes; projects and case studies and their marks distribution shall be the instructor’s prerogative.

xi. Submission of Assignments and Quizzes shall be through Learning Management System (LMS) adopted for the purpose.

xii. Final Examination shall be arranged by the Controller of Examinations Office and a date sheet in this respect shall be issued in advance.

xiii. Physical performance of Labs shall be arranged on opening of the University if so desired by the concerned department.

xiv. At the conclusion of Spring 2020 semester, if a student is not satisfied with his/her grade, he/she may apply for conversion of an earned grade into a W grade within two weeks after the declaration of results. For such a student, the continuation of scholarship shall be decided based on his/her performance in Fall 2019 semester.

xv. A student shall be ineligible to take the Final Examination of a Course/Lab in which has/she has missed more than 50% assignments and quizzes and such a Course/Lab shall be treated as withdrawn.

xvi. To encourage student participation, it would be highly desirable to have a short quiz or feedback pertaining to the topics covered in a lecture or a lab session.

xvii. It shall be the responsibility of the concerned Instructor to keep the students informed regarding their Assignments/Quizzes status through University portal.

xviii. Instructors, apart from scheduled class timings, shall also be available during working hours to assist the students remotely by engaging any software such as Microsoft Team/WhatsApp/email etc.

xix. A continuous monitoring of online delivery shall be carried out by the concerned HoD/Dean, to collect the data regarding syllabus covered, materials provided to the students and assessment conducted.

xx. A mechanism shall be developed by the quality enhancement cell (QEC) to arrange feedback from the students registered in online courses and the instructors involved.

xxi. Based on the collected data capacity enhancement trainings shall be arranged both for the faculty and the students to improve online learning/teaching environment.

xxii. Anything which is not covered in this policy or any unforeseeable circumstances faced by a student requiring a special consideration, the competent authority shall make a decision for such cases on the recommendation of the concerned Dean.

xxiii. This special policy shall be applicable for Spring 2020 registration and its extension to following semesters shall be subject to the approval of relevant body of the University.



University of Central Punjab, Lahore