ACM is an International Computing society dedicated for the advancement and development of all aspects of information technology. We have a student Chapter here in UCP that is not only aiming towards the advancement of computer science culture and technology but also aims to train our members (students) into such computer science personals who are ready to execute innovative ideas in order to improve their learning and knowledge and to apply all that for the betterment of the mankind. Our ‘member’s qualifications’ range from ‘Technical expertise’ to Gaming Warriors and from Developers to ethical Hackers. Are you into programming? We’ve got local ICPCs for you! Are you into Gaming? ACM’s GAMER’s DEN awaits for your arrival. Thirst for learning hacking? We offer workshops for you! Joining hands with the UCP chapter would not only make you a part of the ‘within-premises’ society but also make you a proud member to one of the largest existing computer science society. The IT adventures are much more thrilling than one can imagine and therefore, ACM UCP emphasizes on providing the best ways to keep the thrills coming!

  • Patron : Dr. Omair Naseer  (Assistant Professor)
  • President : Hafiz Rehan Tariq
  • Vice President : Raja Zeeshan
  • General Secretary : Hamza Azam
  • Info. Secretary : Zeeshan Sajid

EXT : 542