The purpose of Disaster Management Society at UCP is to train students and community for coping with emergencies in the situations of natural calamities. Disaster Management Society is needed for providing a platform within the university’s setting to provide student the opportunity to participate in managing the activities for the resilience of communities.

The membership of this society is offered on the basis of personal qualities and voluntarily (students who are really willing to participate). The President of Disaster Management Society is appointed after the proper Selection criteria. Rest of Society beneficiaries are Vice-President, General Secretary and Joint Secretary.

  • Patron : Dr. Shabana Naveed
  • President : Alina Yameen
  • Vice President : Mian Usman Saleem
  • General Secretary : Gulraiz Noman
  • Info. Secretary : Hafiz Huzefa

Disaster Management Society
EXT : 282