JZT (Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia) is a non-profit, volunteer organization launched and maintained by the students of University of Central Punjab, Lahore. It works under the Health & Hygiene Category of societies. The program aims at creating awareness among the university students in particular and public in general about coping with a fatal blood disorder that has victimized thousands of human lives in their early ages, just because of UNAWARENESS OF THE PARENTS.The society is very hopeful to grow into the largest network of volunteers united to fight against this disease. JZT’s project has been initiated by the young ones of UCP, and UCP holds the distinction of being the parent directory of this revolutionary yet selfless movement launched by these young agents of change. Many students from other universities have shown eagerness to join JZT as a chapter.

  • Patron : Dr. Muhammad Rafiq  ( Assistant Professor FOE )
  • President : Moazzama Ibrahim
  • Vice President : Mah Noor Hassan
  • General Secretary : Rahat Khan
  • Info. Secretary: Umer Awais

Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia
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