The Entrepreneurship Club (TEC) intents to provide a culture of intellectually stimulating activities such as the Harvard Business Case Method Competitions, Hell Week, the Rockefeller’s Executive Programme, Book Meets, Business model building and Mentors’ Week Sessions by Entrepreneurs from the different industries who come and share their experience and advice on the critical issues that they faced while initiating a start-up. Here at TEC, we also have an intra-university HBS Case Study event, Olympus and an upcoming inter-university event, Emporia. The model of the club focuses on individual members’ growth; with the executives collaborating and holding sessions on topics such as and Finance/How to make business plan?

  • Patron : Ms. Amina Rizwan
  • President :Arsalan Gilani
  • Vice President :Ahmed Hassaan Kayani
  • General Secretary :Hina Haroon
  • Info. Secretary : Faizan Qayyum

TEC-The Entrepreneurship Club
EXT : 123