Dean’s Message

The field of mass media and communication studies is evolving at a rapid pace as a result of the changes taking place in media industries with the emergence of new media technologies. The new modes of communication, audiences and effects at social, cultural, political and global levels in a highly interconnected world have offered numerous possibilities for the media schools around the world to tailor their academic programs and professional training accordingly to meet the requirements of contemporary media environment. The Faculty of Media and Communication Studies (FMCS) at the University of Central Punjab (UCP) is geared towards becoming a vital part of this paradigmatic shift in the media industries and media education. As the Dean of FMCS, my vision synchronizes with the UCP’s vision of attaining highest international standards in education. The distinguished faculty members, staff and students at the FMCS are committed to this vision and are constantly endeavoring to attain academic and professional excellence and explore emerging horizons to become a brand name in the media and communication industries and academia at the international level.

At FMCS, we impart to the students in-depth knowledge and industry-based skillsets, along with critical thinking and creativity, in order to harness the students’ potential for a future either within or beyond the media and communication industries. We provide an interdisciplinary environment with focus on the core components of the media and communication degrees. We offer various degree programs including BS (Honors), MSc, MPhil (Research and Professional) and PhD (Media and Communication Studies) that embrace different theoretical, practical, methodological and scientific approaches. We develop the students’ qualifications and skills required to work as print and electronic media professionals, film and theatre directors, public relations and advertising specialists, digital media content writers, producers, data journalists, immersive media experts, innovators, media entrepreneurs, scholars and researchers. We offer an array of exceptional facilities like in-house TV studio, Non-Linear Editing Lab, in-house Radio Station FM 92.6 (UCP Ki Dunya) to equip students with the practical knowledge needed to be successful media professionals at the national and international levels. In addition to these facilities, the students will have the chance to gain hands-on experience through our internship programs at Dunya Media Group. The quality of FMCS faculty and the vitality of its programs remain unmatched.

As the Dean of this highly motivated Faculty, I invite you all to become a part of the dynamic transformation that is taking place in media education and training at the FMCS. We sit at the crossroads of a new dawn of media education and profession the world over, and the Faculty of Media and Communication Studies at UCP is all set to lead this transformation by virtue of the commitment of its faculty and potential of its students.

Prof. Dr. Taimoor-ul-Hassan

Dean, Faculty of Media and Communication Studies



Pakistan’s Number One Media School – A Beginning of Endless Opportunities

Established in 2014, Faculty of Media and Communication Studies (FMCS) is one of the finest and biggest institutions of Mass Communication in Pakistan with more than 500 enrolled students.

Working under the leadership of most prestigious educationist of Pakistan,Prof. Dr. Taimoor-ul-Hassan, FMCS is the only private university in Pakistan to get the status of “Faculty of Media and Communication Studies” (FMCS) and the only Private sector University to have NOC from HEC for its M.Phil. & Ph.D. programs in Media Studies.

FMCS has a thriving media and communication environment and it is the first ever institution of Pakistan which has its own cutting-edge TV Studio/In-house Production House, State-of-the-art Non Linear Editing Lab (NLE), Radio Station FM 92.6 (UCP Ki Dunya) with 24/7 transmission, which gives it a distinguished position in the educational sector of Pakistan.

FMCS is committed to maintaining an outstanding teaching and learning experience. It not only teaches degree programs in media and communication studies but also provides a variety of experience other than the classroom, that helps students to prepare for a career in media and communication-related fields.

FMCS will support you on your journey to become an exceptional individual; equipped with the qualities and values to succeed in your career. It is educating and equipping graduates for the rapidly evolving communication, media and arts industries.

Through the University’s partnerships and initiative programs with international bodies; students and faculty enjoy unparalleled access to an international acquaintance, exposure and resources. FMCS nurtures its students by providing them a canvas to translate the dreams and develop their knowledge, skills and experience to achieve their personal and professional goals to transform their ambitions into actions.

Why Faculty of Media and Communication Studies (FMCS)?

If you are passionate about your goals, we have the following incomparable facilities and opportunities to help you achieve your potential.

  • The only Private Sector University to have NOC from HEC for its M.Phil. & Ph.D. programs in Media Studies
  • The first ever state-of-the-art In-house TV Studio/Production House. An ideal opportunity for students to get hands-on training to produce news bulletins, news reports, talk shows, short films, documentaries as well as experience virtual studio productions
  • The biggest state-of-the-art Non-Linear Editing Lab of Pakistan for Editing and Graphic Designing purposes
  • FM Radio 92.6, UCP Ki Dunya. The first educational Radio Station in Pakistan running round the clock transmission
  • Potential partnership opportunities with Communication University of China (CUC).
  • Four Specializations being offered in BS (Hons.):

◆         Mass Communication & Research

◆         Professional Journalism (TV, Radio & Print)

◆         Broadcast (Radio, TV) Film & Theatre Studies

◆         Advertising & Public Relations

  • Highly qualified and professional teaching faculty
  • Quarterly Newsletter “Communication Times”
  • Centre for Training and Research (CTR)
  • Film and Theatre Centre (FTC)
  • State-of-the-art Classrooms and infrastructure
  • In-house Internship opportunities for students in Production House/TV Studio, NLE lab and FM Radio 92.6, UCP Ki Dunya, Dunya News/TV, Dunya Newspaper and Lahore News.
  • Outdoor Internship and career opportunities for our students in leading TV channels, newspapers, Public Relations & Advertising agencies, Radio stations and in other different media outlets.
  • “Media Club” known as one of the best societies of University and declared as “Society of the Year 2017” to cultivate the extra-curricular activities and skills of the students.

Only private sector University from Pakistan to collaborate with Arizona State University & US State Department as a project partner to improve Election Coverage in Pakistan. In first phase of this project, FMCS has inducted the course “Media, Politics and Reporting Elections” in FMCS with the collaboration of Arizona State University and US State Department.

Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS)

M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programs in Media & Communication Studies which are the most prestigious programs of Faculty of Media and Communication Studies (FMCS) supervised by nationally and internationally reputed teaching faculty.

FMCS of the University of Central Punjab is the only Private Sector University to have NOC from HEC for its M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in Media Studies and two full-time Professors as permanent faculty. As a student, you will be well equipped with all required abilities to enter in the expanding field of media.