Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at the University of Central Punjab- Our passion is to provide you with an exceptional environment to pursue your studies in a wide variety of programs. Come and join our large, vibrant and diverse community of scholars, students and professionals to achieve your academic and scholastic goals. Being FASS graduates, you can go on to do astounding things with your degrees by becoming future teachers, bankers, entrepreneurs, economists, psychologists, human rights activists, civil servants, diplomats, writers, journalists, researchers, media personals and more. With specialized and innovative curricula, skill-based training, rich exposure to extracurricular activities; we prepare you for life both in and beyond university.
Dr. Fehmida Sultana
Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences



Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) was established in 2009. FASS not only teaches degree programs at undergraduate and graduate level in Arts and Social Sciences but also provides support across faculties in teaching Language and Social Science courses. A conscious effort is made to develop curriculum, taught in various programs, that is contemporary and at the same time challenging in order to foster a spirit of critical inquiry, an urge to discover, learn and reflect on issues facing humanity perennially. We have developed a curriculum which is contemporary in course selection and a learning environment which is interactive and robust. This ensures that students acquire well-developed communication and interpretive skills, a habit for independent thinking, and a sense of personal and professional responsibility which employers seek in candidates in today’s job market.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences currently runs three departments, Department of Psychology, Department of Economics and Department of English. All departments offer BS (Honors) and MS degrees in their respective subjects. A number of majors and minors are offered to cater to the diverse interests and professional ambitions of students. Students are allowed to choose courses and devise combinations of majors and minors which are most relevant to them, while still enjoying a degree which falls under HEC guidelines.

Department Details

Department of Psychology

Psychology has been recognized as one of the most important disciplines not only in the fields of business, management and economic decision making but also among the entire body of Social Sciences. National education data shows that psychology is among the most popular disciplines in Pakistan and a large number of students seek opportunities for postgraduate education in this subject. The Psychology Department at UCP has been established to cater to the needs of this segment of students striving to make a career in the field of psychology in academia or in industry. This year the department plans to launch several psychology-based training programs for people in the industry, business and management to help in improving their performance and career prospects, specifically for people in the business and management industry.

The department equips students in other faculties with basic knowledge of psychology by offering certain introductory level courses. This practice will continue this year as well with an effort to rationalize and standardize the input provided by the department.

Department of Economics

The critical role of the subject of Economics and the economists in identifying and suggesting remedial measures for multiple problems hindering the socio-economic growth of a society is well recognized not only in Pakistan but also all over the world.

At its present stage of development, Pakistan is facing multiple constraints on the way of economic growth due to a lack of professionals having command over knowledge and its application in various areas of development, policy making, implementation and evaluation. Even teaching, research and normal operations of the various institutions in the public and private sectors suffer due to the inadequacy of trained human resource. To fill this gap, we have taken the initiative to train the students with the cutting edge knowledge in economics through undergraduate and graduate studies in economics. These students on graduation will be ready to take jobs in the public and private sector and can also start their own businesses and consultancies in their areas of specialization.

Initially, the Department of Economics was established for teaching the subjects of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic Analysis and Managerial Economics to support the BBA and MBA programs of Faculty of Management Studies. In pursuance of our long-term vision, BS Economics and Finance program was launched in Fall 2011 by FASS. A separate and independent Economics Department was established to offer various degrees in the said subjects.

To further strengthen the BS Economics program, the department was reoriented to offer specializations in Development and Business Economics with the objective to prepare students to work in public and private sectors, specifically, banking and development sectors in the country and abroad.

The MS/M.Phil. Program was started in Fall 2013 to be followed by Ph.D. in later semesters. So far, seven M.Phil. Students have successfully completed their degrees and other seven students of M.Phil. Economics are working on their thesis. The thesis of M.Phil. students are evaluated by the experts in the respective fields and quality of the research work is ensured rigorously.

Department of English

Department of English is a major component of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the University of Central Punjab. The department offers three academic programs with a vision to provide enlightening and transformative learning opportunities to students from undergraduate to postgraduate level. The offered degree programs consist of 4-Year BS English Language & Literature, 2-Year MS/M.Phil. Applied Linguistics and 2-Year MS/M.Phil. English Literature. The combination of linguistics and literature adds diversity to our programs. It enables the graduates to learn contemporary trends and innovations in the literary field.  A highly qualified, experienced and competent team of educationists looks into the academic needs of the learners and implements these programs in a very professional manner. The major feature of these programs is to focus on developing critical thinking and research skills of students. Furthermore, these programs are designed to meet the demands of the current job market. Equipped with professional skills, our graduates are well prepared for a career in the fields such as media, education, civil services and business.

 Department of Politics and International Relations:

Politics and International Relations is an emerging discipline of the Arts and Social Sciences. The Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Central Punjab (UCP) offers an undergraduate program in the discipline. Following its tradition, UCP hires highly qualified and experienced faculty with the aim to attract bright scholars and students and to deliver quality education.

The Department is designed to furnish stimulating academic environment for scholars and students in their pursuit of learning. Its goals are to facilitate students by enhancing their knowledge and achieve academic excellence so they can pursue their educational and professional dreams. The UCP has developed institutional linkages to open up a wide vista of opportunities for the graduating students and Alumni.