Department of Psychology

Psychology is increasingly recognized as one of the most important disciplines not only in the fields of business, management and economic decision making, but also among the entire body of Social Sciences. Recently, the Nobel Prize for Economics went to a psychologist who had devoted his academic career for discovering as to how people make financial decisions. National education data shows that psychology is among the most popular disciplines in Pakistan and a large number of students seek opportunities for post- graduate education in this subject. The Psychology Department at UCP has been established to cater the needs of this segment of students striving to make a career in the field of psychology in academia or in industry. This year the department plans to launch several psychology-based training programs for people in industry, business and management to help improving their performance and career prospects, specifically for HR Specialists and business managers.

Department of English

Department of English is a major component of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in University of Central Punjab. The department offers three academic programs with a vision to provide enlightening and trans formative learning opportunities to students from undergraduate to postgraduate level. The degree programs offered consist of: 4 year BS English Language & Literature, 2 year MA English Language Teaching and 2 year MPhil/MS Applied Linguistics. The combination of linguistics, literature and English language teaching adds diversity to our programs. It enables the graduates to learn contemporary trends and innovations in language, linguistics and literary field. A highly qualified, experienced and competent team of educationists looks into the academic needs of the learners and implements these programs in a highly professional manner. Major feature of these programs is a focus on developing critical thinking and research skills of students with the use of cutting edge technology in imparting knowledge and professional training to the prospective candidates. Furthermore, these programs are designed keeping in view the demands of current job market. Equipped with professional skills, our graduates are well prepared for careers in fields such as media, education, civil services and business.

Department of Economics

The critical role of the subject of Economics and the economists in identifying and suggesting remedial measures for multiple problems hindering the socio- economic growth of a society is well recognized not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. At its present stage of development, Pakistan is facing multiple constraints on the way of economic growth due to a lack of professionals having command over knowledge and its application in various areas of development, policy making, implementation and evaluation. Even teaching, research and normal operations of the various institutions in the public and private sectors suffer due to inadequacy of trained human resource. To fill this gap, we have taken the initiative to train the students with the cutting edge knowledge in economics through undergraduate and graduate studies in economics. These students on graduation will be ready to take jobs in the public and private sector as well as start their own businesses and consultancies in their areas of specialization. Initially the department of Economics was established for teaching the subjects of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic Analysis and Managerial Economics to support the BBA and MBA programs of Faculty of Management Studies.