Core Courses

Sr. No.Course TitleCr.Hrs.
1Advanced Microeconomics3
2Advanced Macroeconomics3
3Leading Issues in Pakistan’s Economy3
4Research Methods in Economics3
5Advanced Econometrics3

Elective Courses

Sr. No.Course Title
1 Economics of Governance
2International Trade and Finance
3Topics in Development Economics
4Monetary Theory and Policy
5Economics of Poverty
6 Globalization and Economic Integration
7 History of Economic Thought
8 Health Economics
9 Industrial Economics
10 Economics of Business and Finance
11 Environmental Economics
12 Topics in Labor Economics
13 Population Dynamics and Migration
14 Topics in Agriculture Economics
15 Topics in Urban Economics
16 Islamic Economics: Theory and Policy
17 Game Theory
18 Shariah Compliant Banking and Finance
19 Time Series Econometrics
20 Applied Economics
21 Advanced Mathematical Economics
22 Advanced Statistical Economics
23 Topics in Microeconomics
24  Topics in Macroeconomics
25 Public Economics
26  Financial Econometrics
27 Financial Economics
28 Topics in Experimental Economics
29 Transport Economics
30 Energy Economics
31 Behavioral Economics
32 Economics of Regulations
33 Agriculture Economics and Management