Structure for M.Phil.

Sr. No.CategoriesCr.Hrs.No. of Courses
 1Compulsory/Core Courses 124
 2Elective (M. Phil) 124
 3Thesis (M. Phil) 6

Structure for MS

Sr. No.CategoriesCr.Hrs.No. of Courses
 1Compulsory/Core Courses 124
 2Elective (MS) 186

Compulsory/Core Courses

Sr. No.Course TitleCr. Hrs.
1 Contemporary Issues in Applied Linguistics3
2Research Methodology in Linguistics3
3Issues in Syntax3
4Theories of Language Description3

Elective Courses

Sr. No.Course TitleCr. hr.
1Bilingualism & Language Planning3
2Critical Discourse Analysis3
3Computational Linguistics3
4Cross Cultural Communication3
5Generative Phonology3
6Endangered Languages3
7Language Assessment3
8topics in Psycholinguistics3
9Semantics and Pragmatics3
10Studies in Language and Literature3
11Globalization & Spread of English3
12Translational Studies3
13Language, Gender and Identity3
14Language Teaching Method3
15Advance Studies in Sociolinguistics3

M.Phil./MS Applied Linguistics

Year - 1, Semester 1
Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCr.Hrs.
 1LING5113Contemporary Issues in Applied Linguistics 3
 2LING5123Research Methodology in Linguistics 3
 3LING5133Optional-I 3
Year - 1, Semester 2
Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCr.Hrs.
 1LING5213Issues in Syntax 3
 2LING5223Theories of Language Description 3
 3LING5233Optional-I 3
Year - 2, Semester 3
Sr. No.Course TitleCr.Hrs.Course Code
 1Optional-I 3LING6313
 2Optional-II 3LING6323
 3Thesis I (Proposal Writing & Proposal Defense) 3LING6333
Total (MS)6
Total (M. Phil) 9
Year - 2, Semester 4
Sr. No.Course TitleCr.Hrs.Course Code
 1Optional-I (MS) 3LING6413
 2Optional-II (MS) 3LING6423
 3Thesis -II(M. Phil) 3LING6433
Total (MS)6
Total (M. Phil) 3

Note: M. Phil students will work on Thesis only and will have no Course Work in IV Semester