BS (Hons) Psychology

In 2012 BS (Hons.) in Psychology was launched. It is one of the most popular programs offered by FASS and the number of students in this department has grown phenomenally within short time period. The BS program seeks to provide a broad-based education to students with an emphasis on producing graduates who have knowledge about the world around them and have the ability to adjust and contribute to their communities and society.

The 4 years program, in addition to building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in psychology, includes study of a foreign language to a considerable degree of competence and fluency, ability to use information technology effectively, and the ability to communicate well both in spoken as well as written expression.

Eligibility Criteria:

FA/F.Sc. from an HEC recognized board/institution Or A-Level from an English educational system or equivalent thereof from other foreign systems.
Minimum 2nd division. Appearing and scoring 60% marks in an in-house written test by the department.


The graduates will take courses from a wide range of subjects being offered by the FASS. The BS (Hons.) program is of four years divided into eight semesters of four months each. In the last year, students will have the option to do an internship and/or a research project. The total number of credit hours is 124-126 as recommended by the HEC.

Course Plan for BS (Hons) Psychology

Year - 1, Semester 1
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 English- Basic Writing Skills (C) 3
2 Introduction to Psychology (DSF) 3+1
3 Introduction to Anthropology (GC) 3
4 Islamic and Arabic Studies (C) 3
5 Introduction to Information Technology (C) 3
Total 16
Year - 1, Semester 2
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 English Advanced Writing (C) 3
2 History and Schools of Psychology (DSF) 3
3 Introduction to Political Sciences (GC) 3
4 Pakistan studies ( C) 3
5 Introduction to Biology (GC) 3
Total 15
Year - 2, Semester 3
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Presentation Techniques (C) 3
2 Introduction to Philosophy (GC) 3
3 Experimental Psychology (DSF) 3+1
4 Foreign Language (C) 3
5 Introduction to Sociology (C) 3
Total 16
Year - 2, Semester 4
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Statistics (C) 3
2 Introduction to Media Communication (G) 3
3 Social Psychology (DSF) 3
4 Developmental Psychology (DSF) 3
5 Human Resource Management (G) 3
6 Theories of Personality I 3
Total 18
Year - 3, Semester 5
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Muslim Psychology (Major) 3
2 Theories of Personality II (DSF) 3
3 Mental Health and Psychopathology I (DSF) 3
4 Positive Psychology (Major) 3
5 Research Method Quantitative (Major) 3
Total 15
Year - 3, Semester 6
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Mental Health and Psychopathology II (DSF) 3
2 Qualitative Research Method (Major) 3
3 Cognitive Psychology (Major) 3
4 Ethics in Psychology (Major) 3
5 Electives 1 3
Total 15
Year - 4, Semester 7
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Applied Statistics (DSF) 3
2 Psychological Assessment I (Major) 3
3 Technical Writing in Psychology (Major) 3
4 Neurological Basis of Behavior (DSF) 3
5 Elective II 3
5 Research project 6*
Total 21
Year - 4, Semester 8
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Cross Cultural Psychology (Major) 3
2 Psychological Assessment II (Major) 3
3 Organizational Behavior (Major) 3
4 Elective III 3
5 Elective IV 3
5 Internship 2
Total 17

MS Psychology


In 2013, MS in clinical psychology was launched. This program prepares students to understand the biological, affective cognitive and social basis of human behavior. Students study individual differences, Psycho diagnosis, Psychopathologies and Psychotherapies. Ethical principles applied to research and clinical practice are an integral part of this course. MS clinical Psychology also offers practical training in a clinical setting backed by academic teaching to provide a solid theoretical foundation. The students are placed in hospitals and clinics throughout their study program. There are number of employment opportunities for clinical psychologists. They can work in hospitals and medical clinics, mental health centers, rehabilitation centers, special schools, community service agencies, education sector(as academicians, researchers and clinicians), armed forces and police, or can establish own private practice.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • M.Sc., BS (Hons), with a psychology major or minor.
  • Minimum 2nd Division or 2.5 CGPA
  • Duration: 2 Years

Note: Students awaiting result may apply for admission on provisional basis.

Course Plan for MS Psychology

Year - 1, Semester 1
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Psycho Diagnosis & Assessment I 3+1
2 Psychotherapy I 3
3 Neuropsychology 3
4 Psychopharmacology 3
5 Ethical and Legal Issues 2
Total 15
Year - 1, Semester 2
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Psycho diagnosis & Assessment II 3+1
2 Psychotherapy II 3
3 Research Methodology 3
4 Statistics 3
5 Clinical Placement 3
Total 16
Year - 2, Semester 3
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Clinical Placement 3
2 Thesis 6*
Total 9
Year - 2, Semester 4
Sr. No. Courses Cr. Hrs
1 Clinical Placement 3
Total 16

MS Clinical Psychology Total 15+ 16 + 9+ 3 = 43 * continued in 4th semester as well.

PhD Psychology


Psychology department at UCP is constantly striving to set higher standards of education by providing an inspirational and resourceful environment to students. After successful launch of BS and MS Psychology, the department started PhD program in Psychology, which prepares students in teaching, research, and practice in various domains of Psychology. After completing their PhD, students will be ready to work in a variety of professional settings.

For this program, students will be directly choosing their specializations at the time of admission. UCP has a focus on applications of psychology, and therefore scholars will be expected to get training at work places i.e. business organizations, hospitals, and clinics and even law enforcing agencies. Some of the specializations offered by the department are:

  1. Neuropsychology
  2. Clinical Psychology
  3. Organizational/Industrial Psychology

A component of Health Psychology courses can be added to any of the above three by the scholars, after the consent of the doctoral / graduate committee.

Eligibility and Admission Criteria:

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for admission.

  • MS/M.Phil. in Applied Psychology/ Clinical Psychology/Psychology/Behavioral Sciences from an HEC recognized University, or M.Sc. from a university abroad with a minimum CGPA of 3.00.
  • The candidates must have cleared the GRE (subject test) administered by NTS,or GRE international (ETS, USA), with a minimum of 60% marks.

PhD requirements

  • There will be 18 credit hours of taught courses which have to be completed preferablywithin the first year of enrollment.
  • All candidates will have to clear a Comprehensive Exam, comprising of two components:
    1. A scholarly and integrative literature review in a given area through a viva voce.
    2. A formal written examination in subjects completed at UCP.
  • Successful candidates will formulate a proposal and defend it in front of PhD committee representing a major research project, planned, developed, and to be executed by the student. After approval of the PhD Committee, research proposals will be submitted to BASR for final approval.
  • Candidates with specialization in Clinical Psychology will be required to complete Dyadic Analysis with PhD supervisor, (subject to the successful completion of course work and approval of proposal by BASR).
  • All dissertations will undergo the plagiarism check, and will be sent to foreign reviewers. If reviewers recommend award of a degree, this would be followed by an open defense as well as a viva voce by the PhD committee for award.
  • All candidates will be required to complete on-site training/practicum in their area of specialization.


Core: To be studied by all students a) Advanced Research Methods in psychology b) Advanced Statistical Analysis in psychology c) Psychometric assessment d) Seminar relevant to their specialization

The candidates can take 2-3 courses within their specialization and 2 courses outside their specialization (if are offered). Practicum and Internship is required for all specializations- minimum of one full semester full time, and can be continued throughout period of study/ research.