The graduates will take courses from a wide range of subjects being offered by the FASS. The BS (Hons.) program is of four years divided into eight semesters of four months each. In the last year, students will have the option to do an internship and/or a research project. The total number of credit hours is 124-126 as recommended by the HEC.

Course Plan for BS (Hons.) Psychology

Year - 1, Semester 1
Sr. No.CoursesCr. Hrs
1English- Basic Writing Skills (C)3
2Introduction to Psychology (DSF)3+1
3Introduction to Anthropology (GC)3
4Islamic and Arabic Studies (C)3
5Introduction to Information Technology (C)3
Year - 1, Semester 2
Sr. No.CoursesCr. Hrs
1English Advanced Writing (C)3
2History and Schools of Psychology (DSF)3
3Introduction to Political Sciences (GC)3
4Pakistan studies ( C)3
5Introduction to Biology (GC)3
Year - 2, Semester 3
Sr. No.CoursesCr. Hrs
1Presentation Techniques (C)3
2Introduction to Philosophy (GC)3
3Experimental Psychology (DSF)3+1
4Foreign Language (C)3
5Introduction to Sociology (C)3
Year - 2, Semester 4
Sr. No.CoursesCr. Hrs
1Statistics (C)3
2Introduction to Media Communication (G)3
3Social Psychology (DSF)3
4Developmental Psychology (DSF)3
5Human Resource Management (G)3
6Theories of Personality I3
Year - 3, Semester 5
Sr. No.CoursesCr. Hrs
1Muslim Psychology (Major)3
2Theories of Personality II (DSF)3
3Mental Health and Psychopathology I (DSF)3
4Positive Psychology (Major)3
5Research Method Quantitative (Major)3
Year - 3, Semester 6
Sr. No.CoursesCr. Hrs
1Mental Health and Psychopathology II (DSF)3
2Qualitative Research Method (Major)3
3Cognitive Psychology (Major)3
4Ethics in Psychology (Major)3
5Electives 13
Year - 4, Semester 7
Sr. No.CoursesCr. Hrs
1Applied Statistics (DSF)3
2Psychological Assessment I (Major)3
3Technical Writing in Psychology (Major)3
4Neurological Basis of Behavior (DSF)3
5Elective II3
5Research project6*
Year - 4, Semester 8
Sr. No.CoursesCr. Hrs
1Cross Cultural Psychology (Major)3
2Psychological Assessment II (Major)3
3Organizational Behavior (Major)3
4Elective III3
5Elective IV3