Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering is a program which consists of a total of 18 credit hours of course work (6 Courses) with 30 credit hours of research work/thesis. PhD program is stretched over a span of minimum of three (3) years and maximum of Seven (7) years tenure. Students may register in maximum of 3 courses in one semester.


  • The objective of this program is to help students develop skills needed to perform independent research and teaching in an exciting intellectual environment.
  • To provide the industry with the skilled manpower bestowed with the skill to translate the learnt into practical tangible reality.
  • To develop the man power equipped with the skills to plan, direct, guide and lead the work force.
  • To cultivate in the work force the habit and attitude to be creative, critical and analytical in skills and theoretical skills.

Scope regarding market, social and employment perspective

  • Turn out of the program will find space in the academics, research and industries as the middle level management both in management and procedural functions.
  • The graduates of the program will find space as the planners, implementers, developers, idea generators and the decision makers at large.