UCP has been offering undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering since September 2003, when 1st batch of students was admitted. Electrical Engineering program has been accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council up to Batch F013. Faculty of Engineering aims at producing quality Electrical Engineering graduates who can: .

    • Apply Electrical Engineering knowledge and skills to the complex engineering problems of a broad range of industries including telecom, power, control and automation sectors.
    • Practice effective communication and management skills to work in multidisciplinary teams and in the service sector.
    • Implement their engineering expertise nationally and globally in a conscientious, competent and ethical manner.

10 batches of Electrical Engineering have graduated so far from the Faculty with an accredited degree. Number of graduates from each batch are listed below.

Batch No. of Graduates
 Fall 2003 40
 Fall 2004 62
 Fall 2005 87
 Fall 2006 87
 Fall 2007 91
 Fall 2008 121
 Fall 2009 113
 Fall 2010 87
 Fall 2011 114
 Fall 2012 94