The minimum and maximum period for completion of M.Sc. is one and a half (1.5) years and three (03) years respectively. The minimum duration for the research work is six month. The research work can be undertaken from the start of 3rd semester after passing a minimum of 05 courses. The topic of the research work must be in line with the course plan and must be approved from the graduation committee.

Year - 1, Semester 1
S. No. Course
 i  Core-I
 ii  Core-II
 iii  Elective – I
Year - 1, Semester 2
S. No. Course
 i  Core-III
 ii Elective – II
 iii  Elective – III
Year - 2, Semester 3
S. No. Course
 i Elective – IV
 ii Elective – V/ Thesis
Year - 2, Semester 4
S. No. Course
 i Elective – VI
 ii Elective – VII / Thesis

Core Courses:

  1. Advanced Mechanics of Solids
  2. Automotive Powertrains
  3. Modeling and Simulation

Elective Courses

  1. Advanced Heat Transfer
  2. Advance Thermodynamics and Combustion
  3. Advanced Stress Analysis
  4. Automatic Control Systems
  5. CFD for Engineering Application
  6. Engineering Project Management
  7. Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics
  8. Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue
  9. Modeling of Robotic Mechanisms
  10. Nonlinear Dynamics
  11. Product Design and Development
  12. Theory of Elasticity
  13. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  14. Total Quality Management
  15. Strategic Manufacturing Management
  16. Solar and Wind energy technologies
  17. Green Engineering and Energy Efficiency