At the Faculty of Information Technology, the new academic year brings with it a palpable sense of excitement.

We have made major strides in 2016-17 – achieving significant improvements in the quality of teaching and increasing the breadth and inter-disciplinary nature of the research portfolio of the faculty. Our plans for the coming year are even more ambitious.

Our existing research centres continue to mature while the groundwork for new ones is in process. All research activity at FoIT is geared to realize our primary mission: analyse and diagnose problems encountered in the real world, conduct research and develop innovative, independently verifiable solutions. We bring the perspectives and powerful techniques of computer science to bear on Pakistan’s particular socio- economic challenges, particularly in the fields of teaching mathematics and languages, in healthcare and in security. In the process, we are further strengthening our linkages, both with the software industry and with institutions of higher education in Pakistan and abroad.

In terms of teaching, the fundamental principle guiding our methodologies has been vindicated: if a student is under-performing, it is the responsibility of the instructor and more generally the faculty; the fault is not laid at the door of the student or his/her educational background. This has led to deeper reflection, analysis and experimentation with teaching and assessment methods on the part of the faculty – whether it be regarding actual classroom interaction, lesson planning, assessment instrument design, the overall course design or student support facilities. This is an on-going process of refinement leading us towards genuine excellence in teaching.

These improvements translate into a new breed of computer science graduates – young women and men brimming over with energy, ambitious in their objectives, clear on the nature of the challenges facing society and quick to learn new concepts and technologies and thrive in challenging circumstances.

I invite you to join us on this fascinating and exciting journey, as we shrug off the old and boldly create new realities and new opportunities for the next generation.