MS Computer Science MS(CS)

Core Courses (12 Credit Hours)


S. No.Course TitleCr.Hrs.Course CodeCore Courses
1Adv. Algorithms Analysis3CSAC5613
2Adv. Theory of Computation3CSSC5333
3Adv. Computer Architecture3CSNS5523
4Adv. Operating Systems3CSNS5513
5Theory of Programming Languages3
Total 15

Elective Courses (18 Credit Hours or 12 Credit Hours + Dissertation)

S.No.Course TitleCr.Hrs.Course CodeElective Courses
1Advanced Software Engineering3CSSE5013
2Requirements Engineering3CSSE5033
3Formal Methods3CSSE5043
4Formal Specification and Design Technique3CSSE5053
5Digital Image Processing3CSIP5123
6Digital Signal Processing3CSIP5113
7Fuzzy Intelligence3CSCI5213
8Machine Learning3CSCI5223
9Parallel Computing3CSSC5313
10Distributed Systems3CSSC5323
11Theory of Programming Language3CSSC5343
12Advanced Database Systems3CSDS5413
13Data Mining3CSDS5423
14Data Warehousing3CSDS5433
15Information Retrieval Techniques3CSDS5443
16Mobile Communication Systems3CSNS5533
17Network Security3CSNS5543
18Telecommunication Systems3CSNS5553
19Algorithmic Graph Theory3CSAC5623
20Software Project Management3CSSE6063
21Computer Vision3CSIP6133
23Pattern Recognition3CSCI6243
24Fuzzy Automata and Languages3CSSC6353
25Advanced Compiler Techniques3CSSC6363
26Advanced Data Mining3CSDS6453
27Multimedia Database Systems3CSDS6463
28Advanced Computer Networks3CSNS6563
29Systems Modeling & Simulation3CSAC6633
30Dynamic Modeling & Algorithm3CSAC6643
32Operations Research-I3CSSC6373
33Natural Language Processing3CSCI6233
34Stochastic Processes3CSAC6653
35Genetic Algorithms3CSAC6663
36Operations Research-II3CSSC7383
37Distributed Knowledge Engineering3CSCI7253
38Adv. Topics in Formal Methods3CSSE7073
39Real Time Systems3CSNS7573
40Wireless Networks3CSNS7583
41Complexity Theory3CSAC7673
42Software Quality Assurance3
43Multimedia Systems3
44Geometric Modeling for Curve Designing3
45Biomedical Signal and Image Processing3
46Topics in Statistical Natural Language Processing3
47Information Retrieval and Web Search Engine3
48Design of Interactive Learning Application3
49Mobile Robotics3
50Dissertation I3
51Dissertation II3
52Research Methodology3
53MS Project3