List of Courses - BS Computer Science

Year - 1, Semester 1
S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeYear – 1, Semester 1
1Intro to Computer Science3+1GE
2Logic Thinking [UCP-Elective-I]3Uni Elective
3Functional English3+1GE
4Basic Electronics3MT
5Islamic Studies2GE
Year - 1, Semester 2
S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeYear – 1, Semester 2
1Programming Fundamentals3+1C Core
2Digital Logic Design3+1CS Core
3Calculus and Analytical Geometry3MT Core
4Communication Skills3GE
5Pakistan Studies2GE
Year - 2, Semester 3
S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeYear – 2, Semester 3
1Object Oriented Programming3+1C Core
2Computer Organization and Assembly Language3+1CS Core
3CS- Supporting I3CS Support
4Discrete Structures3C Core
5UCP Elective – II3Uni elective
Year - 2, Semester 4
S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeYear – 2, Semester 4
1Probability and Statistics3MT Core
2Introduction to Databases3+1C Core
3Data Structures3+1C Core
4Linear Algebra3MT Core
5CS Elective I3CS Elective
Year - 3, Semester 5
S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeYear – 3, Semester 5
1Software Engineering3C Core
2Operating Systems3+1CS Core
3CS Supporting- II3CS Support
4CS Elective – I3CS Elective
5Design and Analysis of Algorithm3CS Elective
Year - 3, Semester 6
S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeYear – 3, Semester 6
1Theory of Autometa3CS Core
2Artificial Intelligence3+1CS Core
3Computer and Communication Networks3+1C Core
4CS-Elective-III3CS Elective
5Technical and Business Writing3GE
Year - 4, Semester 7
S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeYear – 4, Semester 7
1Compiler Construction3CS Core
2Information Security3C Core
3CS-Supporting-III3CS Support
4UCP Elective – III3Uni Elective
5CS Elective-IV3CS Elective
6Senior Design Project3CS core
Year - 4, Semester 8
S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeYear – 4, Semester 8
1Parallel and Distributed Computing3CS Core
2Professional practices3GE Core
3[UCP elective-IV]3CS Elective
4CS Elective – V3Uni Elective
5Senior Design Project3C core
Grand Total132

Computing Core = C Core, Math Science Foundation=MT, General Education=GE, University Elective=Uni Elective, Computer Science Core=CS Core, Computer Science Supporting=CS Support, Computer Science Electives=CS Elective


S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeCore Courses of Computing
1Object Oriented Programing4
2Programming Fundamentals4
3 Software Engineering3
4Computer Networks4
5Data Structures and Algorithms4
6Discrete Structures3
7Introduction to Database Systems4
8Operating Systems4
9Information Security3
10Project – I3
11 Project – II3

Computer Science Core

S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeCore Courses of Computer Science
1Digital Logic Design4
2Computer Organization & Assembly Language4
3Compiler Constructions3
4Parallel and Distributed Computing3
5Design & Analysis of Algorithms3
6Theory of Automata3
7Artificial Intelligence4

Maths Science Foundation

S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeCore Courses of Mathematics
1Calculus – I3
2Basic Electronics3
3Linear Algebra3
4Probability & Statistics3

Computer Science Supporting

S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeComputer Science Supporting

General Education (Humanities)

S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeCore Courses of Humanities & Social Sciences
1English Language – I4
2English Composition3
3Islamic & Religious Studies2
4Pakistan Studies2
5Technical & Business Writing3
6Intro. to Computer Science4
7Professional Practices3

University Electives

S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeUniversity Electives
1UCP Elective – I3
2UCP Elective – II3
3UCP Elective – III3
4UCP Elective – IV3

Computer Science Electives

S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeComputer Science Electives
1CS Elective – I3
2CS Elective – II3
3CS Elective – III3
4CS Elective – IV3
5CS Elective – V3

Total Courses

S. No.CourseCr. HrsTypeTotal Courses
1Computer Science Core7
2Maths Science Foundation4
3General Education7
4University Elective4
5CS Elective5
6Computing Core9 + Project
7CS Supporting3
Total39 + Project