Sample Course Plan for PhD Microbiology

Year - 1, Semester 1
S. No.CourseCr. HrsType
1Molecular Genetics3Core
2Industrial Microbiology3Core
3Frontiers in Microbiology3Core
Total Credit Hours9
Year - 1, Semester 2
S. No.CourseCr. HrsType
1Food Microbiology3Core
2Microbial Biochemistry3Elective
3Microbial Biotechnology3Elective
Total Credit Hours9
Remaining Semesters
S. No.CourseCr. HrsType
1Research & Thesis30Core
Total Credit Hours48

Potential Courses and Research Work for PhD Microbiology

Note: The Panel of PhD Supervisors will propose six courses from the above list according to the Research Field of the Concerned Supervisor and subject to the condition that such course(s) is/are not already studied during M.Phil./MS

S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
1Molecular Genetics3 (3+0)
2Industrial Microbiology3 (3+0)
3Frontiers in Microbiology3 (3+0)
4Food Microbiology3 (3+0)
5Microbial Biochemistry3 (3+0)
6Microbial Biotechnology3 (3+0)
7Advanced Microbiology3 (3+0)
8Medical Microbiology-I3 (3+0)
9Medical Microbiology-II3 (3+0)
10Microbial Genetics & Diseases3 (3+0)
11Techniques in Microbiology3 (3+0)
12Recent Trends in Immunology3 (3+0)
13Genomics, Transcriptomics & Proteomics3 (3+0)
14Signal Transduction3 (3+0)
15Cell & Tissue Culture3 (3+0)
16Prob. Base Learning in Molecular Genetics3 (3+0)
17Advances in Microbial Genetics3 (3+0)
18General and Medical Genetics3 (3+0)
19Advanced Virology3 (3+0)
20Epidemiology3 (3+0)
21Medical Parasitology3 (3+0)
22Applied Genetics3 (3+0)
23Bacterial Genetics3 (3+0)
24Human Genetics3 (3+0)
25Microbial Enzymology3 (3+0)
26Term Papers and Scientific Writing3 (3+0)
27Research & Thesis3 (3+0)