Sample Course Plan for M.Sc. Biotechnology

Year - 1, Semester 1
S. No.CourseCr. HrsType
1Introduction to Biochemistry4Core
2Introduction to Molecular Biology & iotechnology4Core
3Genetic Resources & Conservation3Elect
4Industrial Biotechnology2Core
5Environmental Biotechnology3Core
Total Credit Hours16
Year - 1, Semester 2
S. No.CourseCr. HrsType
1Recombinant DNA Technology4Core
3Food Biotechnology4Core
4Agricultural Biotechnology2Core
Total Credit Hours17
Year - 2, Semester 3
S. No.CourseCr. HrsType
1Techniques in Biotechnology.3Core
2Health Biotechnology.2Core
3Cell & Tissue Culture.3Core
4Genetics, Transcriptomics & Proteomics.3Core
5Research & Thesis/Review Report.6Core
Total Credit Hours17
Year - 2, Semester 4
S. No.CourseCr. HrsType
2Microbial Biotechnology & Vaccinology.4Core
4Research & Thesis/Review Report.3Core
Total Credit Hours66