Sample Course Plan for Master of Commerce – M.Com.

Year - 1, Semester 1
Year - 1, Semester 2
Year - 2, Semester 3
S.No.Course TitleCodeCourse
1Advanced E. Commerce4823COMM
2Investment and Portfolio Management5233FIN
3Organizational Behavior4573MGMT
4Performance Management5443CMA
 5 Specialization – I
 6 Specialization – II
Year - 2, Semester 4
S. No.Course TitleCodeCourse
1Strategic Management5453MGT
2Presentation and Professional Development5643CUMM
3Corporate Governance6913CORP
4Corporate Financial Reporting5053ACCT
 5 Specialization – III
 6 Specialization – IV
Elective Courses

(Any six courses from the list i.e. 18 Cr. Hrs.)

Sr. No.Course TitleCr. HrsCourse Code
1Quantitative Techniques for Business3QUT4733
2Logical and Critical Thinking3LOG5913
4Corporate and Commercial Law3LAW4343
5Corporate Governance3 CORP6913
6Introduction to Sociology3 SOC4223
7Operations Management3 OPM5463
8Research Methods in Business3 RES4713
9International Business3 BUS5463
10Business Psychology3 PSY5597
11Computerized Accounting3 ACCT4183
12Corporate Financial Reporting3 ACCT5053
13Performance Management3 CMA5443
Total  36

List of Specialization Courses

(Any four courses from the list i.e. 12 Cr. Hrs.)

Accounting & Finance
Sr. No.Course TitleCourse Code
1Corporate FinanceFINC5243
2Corporate AccountingACCT5063
3Financial AnalysisFIN5323
4Taxation ManagementTAX3143
5Advanced AuditAUD5193
6Corporate Risk ManagementFIN5233
7Financial ModelingFIN5263
8International Financial MarketsFINC5273
9Project Appraisal and Credit ManagementBNK5943
Banking & Finance
Sr. No.Course TitleCourse Code
1Banking Laws & PracticeBNK3163
2Islamic & Central BankingBNK5463
3International Banking & Trade FinanceBNK5933
4Project Appraisal and Credit ManagementBNK5943
5Corporate FinanceFINC5243
6Financial AnalysisFIN5323
7Treasury ManagementBNK5953
8Bank Financial ManagementBNK5963
9Bank Risk ManagementBNK5973