Scheme of Study of BS (Hons)-Accounting and Finance

Year - 1, Semester 1
S.No.Course TitleCodeCourseCr. Hrs.
 1Functional English1013 ENG 3
2Quantitative Methods2223QTM 3
3Fundamentals of Information System2113CIT 3
4Principles of Management2323MGT 3
5Financial Accounting2113FNA 3
Year - 1, Semester 2
CourseCourse TitleCodeCourseCr. Hrs.
1Business Statistics2723STA3
2Human Resource Management2313HRM3
3Cost and Management Accounting3513MAC3
4Business Law2613LAW3
5Taxation Management3143TAX3
Year - 2, Semester 3
S.No.Course TitleCodeCourseCr. Hrs.
1Financial Management3833MAC3
2Business Communication3033ENG3
3Performance Management3523PFM3
4Financial Reporting3423FNA3
5Principles of Economics2813ECO3
Year - 2, Semester 4
S.No.Course TitleCodeCourseCr. Hrs.
1Principals of Marketing2333MRK3
2Corporate Law2623LAW3
3Investment Appraisal4823IVA3
4Audit & Assurance4913AUD3
5Islamic Studies/ Ethics (for Non-Muslims)2233ISL3
Year - 3, Semester 5
S.No.Course TitleCodeCourseCr Hrs.
1Pakistan Studies2243PAK3
2Corporate Reporting4443FNA3
3Governance, Risk & Ethics2353BET3
4Business Analysis4353MPP3
5Strategic Planning5363MGT3
Year - 3, Semester 6
S.No.Course TitleCodeCourseCr. Hrs.
1Banking Laws and Practices3163BNK3
2Financial Analysis4433FNA3
3Advanced Corporate Reporting4453FNA3
4Computerized Accounting4183ACCT3
5Introduction to Sociology2213SOC3
Year - 4, Semester 7
S.No.Course TitleCodeCourseCr. Hrs.
1Foreign Language2263LNG3
2Research Methods in Business4713RES3
3Investment and Portfolio Management5233FIN3
4Performance Strategy5533PST3
5Advanced Performance Management5543PFM3
Year - 4, Semester 8
S.No.Course TitleCourseCodeCr. Hrs.
1Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning-ERP5133ERP3
3Organizational Behavior4573MGM3
4Audit Reporting5923AUD3
5Advanced Audit and Assurance5933AUD3