PhD in Accounting and Finance program is offered according to the HEC requirements. It is research based program with 18 credit hours of course work, which is spread over six courses and two semesters. Students with 18 years education in the relevant fields can apply in this program. Supervised research of 30 credit hours is to be done after completion of course work with requisite CGPA and passing comprehensive examination. Research work in PhD is to be submitted in the form of a research thesis, which is evaluated locally and by international scholars. This degree is most suitable for those accountants and finance degree holders who want to excel in this specific field. Professional accountants may also apply for this degree after completion of MS or M.Phil.

Mission Statement of Program

The mission of the Ph.D. program is to prepare scholars for careers in academia as well as in other endeavors that benefit from research skills and expansive knowledge of communications processes, institutions and impact on society. Our scholars excel as university instructors, conducting original research and scholarship that advances knowledge in the field and contributes to the success of public and private sector enterprises ranging from media and entertainment industries to governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Program Objectives:

Following are the objectives of Ph.D. Program:

  1. To promote the culture of knowledge production by conduction of effective and objective research which will cater the professional growing needs and demands of academia and industry.
  2. To foster critical inquiry and creative thinking in Ph.D. scholars while conducting research and evaluate information by methods appropriate to the field of communications studies.
  3. To address the queries regarding communication, journalism and suggest appropriate recommendations leading towards developing the policy guidelines for existing and emerging issues in the society.
  4. To develop understanding of analytical techniques required to excel in the field of Communication sciences for development of new dimensions, paradigms, approaches for exploration of new areas of study and research.
  5. To develop a holistic understanding by branching out to the closely related disciplines of social sciences i.e. sociology, political sciences, psychology and economics with the aid of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches.