Ph.D. Accounting & Finance


PhD in Accounting and Finance

PhD in Accounting and Finance program is offered according to the HEC requirements. It is research based program with 18 credit hours of course work, which is spread over six courses and two semesters. Students with 18 years education in the relevant fields can apply in this program. Supervised research of 30 credit hours is to be done after completion of course work with requisite CGPA and passing comprehensive examination. Research work in PhD is to be submitted in the form of a research thesis, which is evaluated locally and by international scholars. This degree is most suitable for those accountants and finance degree holders who want to excel in this specific field. Professional accountants may also apply for this degree after completion of MS or M.Phil.

Road Map

Sample Course Plan for PhD (Accounting and Finance)

  1. List of Courses, each of 3 credit hours i.e. total 18 credit hours as given below:
    1. Advanced Statistical Applications in Research
    2. Advanced Research Methodology Applications: Quantitative
    3. Advanced Econometrics
    4. Advanced Research Methodology Applications: Qualitative
    5. Elective – I (Finance)
    6. Elective – II (Accounting)
  2. List of Elective Courses:
    • Microfinancing Theories and Application
    • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
    • Performance Analysis and Management
    • Quantitative Decision Making in Professional Practices
    • Issues of Interest Free Banking
    • Advanced Financial Audit and Assurance
    • Advanced Financial Reporting
    • Current Research in Financial Accounting
    • International Finance
    • Law and Compliance
    • Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Deterministic Methods and Applications
    • Stochastic Methods and Application
  3. Comprehensive Examination after completion of course requirements
  4. Dissertation and its Defense: 30 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours of the Program
18+30=48 Cr. Hrs.

Admission Criteria


Fee Structure

PhD Accounting & Finance

  • Courses Cr. Hrs. Fee per course Admission Fee Total Fee 1st Semester
  • 6 Research Thesis48 (18 30)31,50025,000214,000 Research work fee = Total 340000119,500

Research Work

A Student will register for each Semester during the Thesis work and will pay Fee of one Course for each Semester. A student Registered for MS/MPhil Thesis will have to pay minimum fee equal to two courses and a student registered in Ph.D Thesis will have to pay minimum fee equal to four courses.


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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