Sample Course Plan for PhD (Accounting and Finance)

  1. List of Courses, each of 3 credit hours i.e. total 18 credit hours as given below:
    1. Advanced Statistical Applications in Research
    2. Advanced Research Methodology Applications: Quantitative
    3. Advanced Econometrics
    4. Advanced Research Methodology Applications: Qualitative
    5. Elective – I (Finance)
    6. Elective – II (Accounting)
  2. List of Elective Courses:
    • Microfinancing Theories and Application
    • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
    • Performance Analysis and Management
    • Quantitative Decision Making in Professional Practices
    • Issues of Interest Free Banking
    • Advanced Financial Audit and Assurance
    • Advanced Financial Reporting
    • Current Research in Financial Accounting
    • International Finance
    • Law and Compliance
    • Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Deterministic Methods and Applications
    • Stochastic Methods and Application
  3. Comprehensive Examination after completion of course requirements
  4. Dissertation and its Defense: 30 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours of the Program
18+30=48 Cr. Hrs.