Sample Course Plan for Ph.D Business Administration

Year - 1, Semester 1
S.No. Course Title type Year – 1, Semester 1
 1 Philosophy of Management  3
2 Quantitative Methods in Research  3
3 Qualitative Methods in Research  3
Total 9
Year - 1, Semester 2
S.No. Course Title type Year – 1, Semester 2
 1 Contemporary Methods of Data Analysis  3
2 Seminar-I in the relevant area (Elective)  3
3 Seminar in related area OR (Elective) Any other course approved by relevant bodies  3
Total 9
Total Credit Hours 18

Course Courses:

S.No. Course Title
 1 Philosophy of Management
 2 Quantitative Methods in Research
 3 Qualitative Methods in Research
 4 Contemporary Methods of Data Analysis


Students securing minimum of 3.00 CGPA will be entitled for the thesis of 30 credit hours. Thesis is completed under the supervision of a faculty member and is evaluated by at least two PhD experts from technologically / academically advanced foreign countries in addition to local committee members. At the end of the coursework a comprehensive exam will be conducted. After qualifying this examination, students will present their research proposal within six months. Those students who will not be able to complete requirements of PhD degree may be considered for the award of M Phil degree provided they have completed coursework. Each student will be required one publication a pre-requisite for award of PhD degree.

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