M.Phil. Accounting and Finance is a two-year program. It is a specialized degree for those who want to excel in the fields of Accounting and Finance in teaching and research. The program provides ample opportunities to nurture research skills and to get good grasp of specialized topics of Accounting and Finance. In almost every taught course there is an element of research, which develops and polishes skills of writing research papers and academic theses. This program also provides students opportunities to publish their research in scholarly research journals. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members teach the courses of this program. This program is offered in morning, evening and weekends.
It covers research courses, manuscript writing, statistical and econometric tools and courses on Accounting and Finance. The program makes up to 18 years of study. The courses offered are in line with the HEC requirements of the program. Graduates of M.Phil. Accounting and Finance program may proceed for PhD degree in Pakistan or abroad.

Mission Statement of Program

The mission of the M.Phil. program is to guarantee the production of quality researchers and media professionals in the field of Media and Communication studies with focus on the entire communication process and examines the communication relationships that exist among and between media institutions and their key target audience groups.

Program Objectives:

  1. To impart quality education and practical training to research scholars and media professionals to enable them to engage in advanced study and research.
  2. To teach enduring skills and values to the students with latest technologies and knowledge which are essential to excel in the media industry.
  3. To prepare future leaders at the national and international arena in field of research and multidimensional media industry.
  4. To prepare entrepreneurs for media industry.
  5. To make students understand concepts and apply theories related to contemporary media and mass communication.
  6. Enhance critical and creative thinking in M.Phil. scholars while conducting research and evaluate information by methods appropriate to the field of communications studies.
  7. To develop basic understanding of analytical techniques required to excel in the field of documentary, film, broadcast and advertising by using latest technologies.
  8. To make students demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of cultures regarding the significance and impact of mass communications in globalized society.