Main Features

  1. List of Compulsory Courses, each of 3 credit hours i.e. total 12 credit hours as given below:
    • Advanced Research Methodology
    • Econometrics
    • Inferential Statistics
    • Research Methods and Manuscript Writing
  2. Six courses, each of 3 credit hours i.e. 18 credit hours from the following list of courses:
    • Advanced Corporate Finance
    • Strategic Management Accounting
    • Advanced Performance Management
    • Taxation Systems Management
    • Financial Markets and Institutions
    • Financial Modeling
    • International Trade and Finance
    • Investment Portfolio Management
    • Microfinancing Theories and Application
    • Performance Analysis and Management
    • Strategic Financial Management
    • Advanced Financial Reporting
  3. Comprehensive Examination after completion of course requirements

Total Credit Hours of the Program 12+18=30 Cr. Hrs.