Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA Hons.)

BBA (Hons.) Program at UCP Business School is a full time degree program that converts fresh intermediate level students into well trained professionals by catering for local industrial demands and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit. Through this program, students not only learn fundamental concepts required in day-to-day business operations but also gain strong foundation in one of the functional areas i.e. Management, Finance, Marketing, Information & Operations and Entrepreneurship. The program also demands student’s exposure to any second business domain of their choice i.e. Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management and Information Systems. Each student is also required to complete internship in any approved organization helping to prepare for professional world. Holistically, BBA program creates a platform for interaction among learners, instructors and business professionals for diverse experiences beyond conceptual education for students. What students take with them from BBA program is an optimal mix of business theory and an understanding of business applications.