BS Zoology

Year - 1, Semester 1
S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
 1(Compulsory-I) English-I: Functional English3(3+0)
 2(Compulsory-II) Pakistan Studies2(2+0)
 3(Compulsory-III) Mathematics-I3(3+0)
 4(General-I) Botany-I/ Etc. (Biodiversity of Plants)3(2+1)
 5(General-II) Chemistry-I/ Etc. (Inorganic Chemistry)3(2+1)
 6(Foundation-I) Principles of Animal Life-I4(3+1)
Year - 1, Semester 2
S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
 1(Compulsory-IV) English-II: Communication Skills3(3+0)
 2(Compulsory-V) Islamic Studies / Ethics2(2+0)
 3(Compulsory-VI) Biostatistics/Univ option3(2+1)
 4(General-III) Botany-II/ Etc. (Plant Systematics, Anatomy and Development/ Embryology)3(2+1)
 5(General-IV) Chemistry-II/ Etc. (Organic Chemistry)3(2+1)
 6(Foundation-II) Principles of Animal Life-II4(3+1)
Year - 2, Semester 3
S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
 1(Compulsory-VII) English-III: Technical writing and presentation skills3(3+0)
 2(Compulsory-VIII) Introduction to Computer3(1+2)
 3(General-V) Botany-III/ Etc. (Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution)3(2+1)
 4(General-VI) Chemistry-III/ Etc. (Environmental Chemistry)3(2+1)
 5(Foundation-III) Animal Diversity: Invertebrates4(3+1)
Year - 2, Semester 4
S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
 1(Compulsory-IX)* English-IV / Univ. Option3(3+0)
 2(General-VII) Botany-IV/ Etc. (Plant Physiology & Ecology)3(2+1)
 3(Foundation-IV) Animal Diversity: Chordates4(3+1)
 4(Foundation-V) Animal Form & Function-I4(3+1)
 5(Foundation-VI) Animal Form & Function-II4(3+1)
Year - 3, Semester 5
S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
 1(General-VIII) Psychology/Geography/Etc.2(2+0)
 2(Foundation-VII) General Biochemistry4(3+1)
 3(Major-I) Cell & Molecular Biology4(3+1)
 4(Major-II) Physiology4(3+1)
 5(Major-III) Animal Behavior3(2+1)
Year - 3, Semester 6
S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
 1(Foundation-VIII) Biological Techniques3(1+2)
 2(Foundation-IX) Evolution & Principles of Systematics3(2+1)
 3(Major-IV) Developmental Biology4(3+1)
 4(Major-V) Genetics4(3+1)
 5(Major-VI) Wildlife2(2+0)
Year - 4, Semester 7
S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
 1(Major-VII) Environmental Biology4(3+1)
 2(Major-VIII) Zoogeography & Paleontology3(2+1)
 3(Major-IX)** Special Paper (Univ. Option)4(3+1)
 4(Major-X) Synopsis & Research Methodology2(2+0)
 5(Elective-I) (Fundamentals of Microbiology)3(2+1)
Year - 4, Semester 8
S. No.CourseCr. Hrs
 1(Major-XI) Bioinformatics3(1+2)
 2(Major-XII)*** Thesis/Research Project/Internship-II4(0+4)
 3(Elective-II) (General Microbiology)3(2+1)
 4(Elective-III) (Immunology)3(2+1)
 5(Elective-IV) (Microbiology & Biotechnology)3(2+1)

* University has the option to recommend any other course in lieu of English IV
** Fisheries/ Parasitology/Microbiology/ Entomology/Immunology/ Environmental Sciences/Marine Zoology/ Endocrinology etc. (universities may offer any other special paper depending upon the availability of the expertise)
*** Research Project/Internship will be offered over two semesters and report be submitted at the end of semester VIII for the evaluation
**** All elective subjects should be selected to support the opted special paper