Ahmed Zohaib Zaidi

Ahmed Zohaib Zaidi

Lab Engineer

Ext: 176

Mr. Ahmed is serving as Lab Engineer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Previously, he worked as Research Associate in the same department for 1.5 years. His research interests include human gait phase detection, orthotic knee management, passive cooling and education. He possesses one-year industrial experience at Fauji Fertilizers Bin Qasim Limited where he worked as trainee inspection engineer. He graduated with an honorary degree in Mechanical Engineering from UET, Lahore. He is currently pursuing Masters in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

M.Sc. Thermal Power Engineering UET, Lahore 2017-20
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering UET, Lahore 2012-16
Research Associate UCP, Lahore 2018-2020
Graduate Assistant UET, Lahore 2017-2018
Management Associate Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited 2016-2017
1Zohaib Aftab, Ahmed Zohaib Zaidi and Haseeb Ahmed, Patient Satisfaction with conventional lower-limb orthotic devices: Results of a cross-sectional pilot survey, Prosthetics and Orthotics International (Under Review)

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