Anila Irfan

Anila Irfan

IN charge HOD - TV Production House

Anila Irfan joined SMCS, UCP as a Senior Producer and currently working as IN charge HOD in UCP TV which is our on-campus production House and is a training lab for media students.
Having a formal degree in the field, she is a highly skilled professional with proper professional education and more than 10 years of experience of television productions in various renowned TV channels, She possesses a wide range of knowledge and experience of having produced several TV programs, talk shows, LIVE and Recorded at prominent TV channels like HUM TV & EXPRESS-NEWS. She was also as a member of the core launching team of NEO TV as Head of department of Production Management.
Her strength lies in her exceptional motivational and communication skills providing leadership that gets team members working efficiently even under the most stressful circumstances.


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