Arslan Ashraf

Arslan Ashraf

Arslan Ashraf

Assistant Professor

Arslan Ashraf has been working as assistant professor at UCP for 4 years. His area of specialization is Electric Power Engineering. He has work experience of 7 years.

  • Design of AC Machines & Electronic Drives
  • Power System Operation & Control
  • Electric Power System Stability (M.Sc.)


PhD Electrical Engineering

University of Central Punjab (In Progress)

MSc Electrical Engineering

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

BE Electrical Engineering

Pakistan Navy Engineering College, NUST, Karachi


Research Projects

  1. Mitigation of Sub-Synchronous Resonances (SSR) in Wind Farms

Collaborators: Dr. Ali Nasir
Description: Due to the fluctuating nature of the wind the wind power plants impose different challenges while integration to the electrical grid. Thus, the increased generation by wind energy, demands an immediate attention to the upgradation and/or extension of the transmission infrastructure. An effective approach in this regard is to improve the capacity of transmission lines by installing series compensation equipment. However, such installations may lead to the phenomenon of Sub-Synchronous Resonances (SSR) in the power system. These resonances pose a severe threat to the generating stations, including wind farms, if not prevented. Thus, the objective of this project is develop a keen insight to SSR phenomenon and to develop control algorithms for the damping and mitigation of these resonances in wind farms connected grids.

  1. Design and Implementation of Virtual Synchronous Machine

Collaborators: Dr. Tabrez A. Shami
Students: Syed Muhammad Furqan
Description: Power system infrastructure is going through a paradigm shift. More and more energy storage systems and vehicles are connected to the power system through a variety of different power electronic converters and inverters. Likewise, load connected to the grid via numerous power electronic converters. The result is complexity and instability. To address this problem and improve power system stability researchers around the world have been investigating different ways to control power electronic converters in power systems. One of such methods is to implement the unified interface called virtual synchronous machine (VSM) for smart grid integration. Thus, the objective of this thesis is to exploit the VSM concept and understand the challenges associated to such a mechanism.

  1. Automatic Retuning of PID Controllers for a Synchronous Machine AVR

Collaborators: Dr. Ali Nasir
Students: Irfan Shafqat Javed
Description: Objective of this work is to design an adaptive proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller for intelligent control of voltage. Excitation control of synchronous alternator is one of the most important factor to improve power system stability and quality of electrical power. The function of Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is to maintain the magnitude of terminal voltage of synchronous generator at its nominal value. The manual tuning of PID controllers is time consuming, tedious and generally lead to poor performance. AVR system is used as a plant and we develop an adaptive algorithm to Auto-Tune the PID controller for different AVR parameters under different load conditions because optimal tuning of PID controller parameters is necessary for the satisfactory operation of AVR system.

  1. Interfacing of Two AC Sources having Different Frequency and Phase

Collaborators: Prof. Azhar Hussain Shah
Students: Aqsa Nadeem, Asheer Usmani, Ammar Amjad
Description: The objective of this project is to synchronize two different sources operating at different frequency and phase. This is a prototype to be built by the students in order to understand the challenges associated with the synchronization process involved in connecting two different electric grids. The project will involve designing of Inverters/Rectifiers, Dual flow buck boost converters.

  1. Design of prototype of a Small Wind Power Generation System

Collaborators: Dr. Ali Nasir
Students: Mujahid Ali Zaidi, Muhammad Haider Aziz, Ufaq Shakeel Ahmed
Description: The purpose of this project is to design a small lab apparatus to understand the wind power plants.  The project will involve designing of Wind Turbine with separately excited DC Machine, Excitation Control using Buck boost Converter, An inverter to convert the generated DC power to AC power and the control of AC power using PWM techniques.

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