Awais M. Lodhi

Awais M. Lodhi

Awais M. Lodhi

Assistant Professor


MS (Computer Science) 2006. FAST-NU, Lahore, Pakistan.
BS (Computer Science) 2003. FAST-NU, Lahore, Pakistan.


August 2015 —
Lecturer (University of Central Punjab, Lahore)
October 2011 — July 2015
Technical Team Lead Mobile Applications (Rolustech Solutions, Lahore)
June 2009 —  October 2011
iPhone Application Development & Team Lead (Suave Solutions, Lahore)
February 2009 —  June 2009
Visiting Faculty (PUCIT – Punjab University Old Campus)
August 2006 — May 2008
Visiting Faculty (FAST-NU Lahore Campus)
February 2005 — September 2005
Research Officer for PTCL Project at FAST
April 2004 — August 2004
(MNET Services) Technical Support Engineer


  • Freedom Race: Cross Platform Cars Racing Mobile Game developed on Unity. It allows the players to compete with the system and try to avoid fiery deaths while trying to win their freedom. (In Progress)Study of Android Governors on Linux: This project aims to test the some of the most promising governors available on Android and check their performance and efficiency on Linux Desktop environments. The aim is to find a balanced approach between performance & efficiency for greener computing. (In Progress) 
    Constraint Based Time Table Generation: The standard time table has many variables that need to be catered and is mostly generated by hand. This project aims to handle  different  constraints  provided  by  the  user  and  aims  to  provide  optimal solutions (In Progress)
    RAIL –  Relational Algebra Calculator:  Relational Algebra is one of the basic concept in Database Theory, however it is very difficult for the students to understand due to lack of visualization, practice & feedback availability. This tool aims to fill this gap between instructor & student. (In Progress)
    This is a generic iOS client for SugarCRM. It works with all flavors and versions of SugarCRM below 7.0. It also provides offline connectivity as well as cache mode for areas without network connectivity. It also acts as a base engine for many other applications involving CRM access on the mobile platforms.
    RSugar 7
    This is a complete rewrite of the generic mobile client for SugarCRM version 7 and above since the previous API has been deprecated and new API is published by SugarCRM. The backend is written in C++ and utilizes C/C++ libraries to communicate with the CRM as well as data management and provides high quality native front end for Android & iPhone.
    Informatica Connector for SugarCRM 6 & 7
    Informatica is an Enterprise 2 Enterprise solution that allows backup & migration of data from one CRM format to any other CRM system We have written the connectors  for  SugarCRM  6  &  7  for  Informatica  using  their  development environment and API.
    eTrigue SugarCRM 7 Connector
    eTrigue is a Enterprise level Marketing and Campaign Management solution that can connect with different CRM solutions. We have developed the connector for eTrigue to communicate with SugarCRm 7 based on their API and development environment.
    This is an eCommerce site for a Spin-Gym in Turkey with SugarCRM on the backend and Mobile & Web clients for end users allowing them to book their sessions and interact with the instructors and their friends.
    This is a mobile client for AutoAccelerator a CRM solution for the Automobile Dealerships. It allows the users to manage their Day To Day activities on the mobile application including managing calls, meetings, emails and tasks etc. It is also integrated with ClickToCall & Twilio services that allows the users to make calls and Send & Receive SMS messages even on iPods and iPad devices.
    MH Invest Mobile
    This is a mobile client for Miller Howard Investment group. It connects with their CRM (powered by SugarCRM) and allows the business users to manage their day to day tasks from their mobile.
    TamTam Mobile
    This is a custom mobile client for TamTam Inc a Malaysian CRM solution based on SugarCRM. It is based on RSugar application but provides customized experience for the TamTam users.
    This is a mobile solution for the citizens of City of Philadelphia that allows them to report the problems they see around the city and report them directly to the City Hall. The users can also attach images of their  problems and can also browse through problems submitted by other citizens. They also receive feedback on their issues via the app.
    Marble Fashions
    This is an ordering catalog designed for the iPad that allows the sales agents from Marble Fashions to display the portfolio and manage orders from within the app for different colors and sizes for their products.
    This app was designed and implemented for a marketing campaign by a Swedish Oil company to promote football (soccer) tournament. This is an Augmented Reality application that allowed the user to collect virtual footballs at the service stations and accumulate points. The winners were awarded prizes like LCD TVs and iPads.
    IntentMedia Magizines
    IntentMedia is a publishing house in UK and we have developed mobile apps for many  of  their  magazines.  These  apps  include  news  updates,  event  invites  and locations. The users can customize these apps to show articles from their chosen categories. These apps also include voting and from time to time.
    This is a board game in which the user aims to maximize the points by placing dice on the board and converting lower values to higher values. This game has 2 modes i.e. AI based single player and 2 player turn by turn game using game center. This game has a 4 variations and 3 modes for a total of 12 catching games each requiring a different technique to master.
    This is an application for the Goalcourts web application that allows users to book grounds and make payments from within the iPhone platform. It also includes push notifications to remind users of their upcoming bookings. It is developed in Arabic as well as English language.
    Touch & Learn Languages –  Spanish, English & Chinese
    This is a simple application with the am to familiarize children with new languages using  animals.  It  has  a  tutor  mode  where  the  children  learn  the  words  and pronunciation and includes 2 games where the children can test their skills. It was a featured application in iTunes Store New & Noteworthy.
    HSBC: Golf Champions
    This is an augmented reality game designed to create interest in golf as lead in for HSBC Women’s Champions that was held in February 2011. It included a practice mode in which you could play anywhere in the world and a live mode that allowed you to play the game at Ngee Ann City for a chance to win prizes.
    Abacus: AIC 2010
    This iPhone application is designed specifically for the AIC 2010 conference in Ho Chi Man City (Vietnam) in Oct. 2010. It not only serves as a complement to the conference  with  information  about  the  speakers  and  papers  presented  but  also includes an augmented reality section that takes you on a guided tour of the whole conference.
    Share Your Rock
    This is an application for the iPhone that aims to serve as a forum for rock climbers community. It includes augmented reality section where one climber can mark the route taken by him and others can see and follow as well as rate the different routes. The users can also share weather at the climbing locations, which becomes visible to other users instantly.
    This is an iPhone application that allows the users to send beer money to their friends around the world. This beer money can be redeemed at participating bars worldwide. If you are short on cash, you can send a virtual beer as well to show that you care. It is integrated with Twitter and Facebook as well as PayPal for money transfer.
    Air Tags
    This is an augmented reality social networking application for iPhone platform. It allows users to share text, image and voice tags with other users who might visit the same location some time later. The users can also make friends and have followers and can leave replies on the tags.
    Restaurant Ranglisten
    This is a map based iPhone application designed to a complement for the European website with the same name. It allows you to search restaurants nearest to your location or simply by entering a location name. You can see the details about the restaurants such as the contact info and menu choices etc. as well as the rating for the restaurant in the recent years.
    This is a massively multi-player online game that is designed to be fast-paced and high-pressure and is developed for the iPhone platform. It includes real time interaction between different players using push notifications. A complete database of the moves made by the players is maintained online. The users can see the progress and geographical locations of their potatoes on Google maps. The user can purchase new potato themes using InApp Purchases.
    This is a customized CRM solution on iPad for a Brazilian region based on the client’s in house API.
    This is a attendance management system for a Brazilian client. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Tablets and is optimized for different screen sizes and orientations.
    This is a mobile game designed in Cocos2D-X for a research project undertaken in a US  based  University.  Its  is  aimed  at  testing  the  eyesight,  response  and  color blindness level in the candidates using a simple shooting arena style game. It is developed for both iOS and Android and works on multiple resolutions.
    This is a camera based application that allows the user to view the furniture in their own environment before purchase.
    This is a camera based application that aims at contact management using QR codes.
    Talking Tubby
    I was tasked to add video recording functionality in the existing application similar to the Talking Tom iPhone application.
    Military Discounts
    This application records the available discounts available to US Military Personal on various items. It allows the user to add their own offers as well.
    This application allows the user to record his resume video and share it via email or YouTube. It allows the user to read a script while recording.
    Top Trumps
    This is trading cards based game with support to be used for various themes and sets.
    Fairy Finder
    This was a simple game that generated a fairy at random intervals and displayed animations when the user found the fairy.
    This  was  a  simple  application  with  the  aim  to  merge  the  iPhone  with  its surroundings.

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