Baber Saeed

Baber Saeed

Baber Saeed

Assistant Professor

Baber Saeed has been working as assistant professor at UCP for 4 years. His area of specialization is Manufacturing and Management. He has work experience of 6 years.

  • Engineering Project Management (Electrical Engineering)
  • Applied Thermodynamics-I
  • Industrial Management
  • Economics.


MS in Engineering Management



Research Projects
1. Power Production from Biogas using Municipal solid waste.
Students: Shoaib Akram, Muhammad Saad, Hamza Razzaq
Description: This project focuses on anaerobic digestion method for production of methane using solid waste. It will not only produce an alternative fuel but also produce Bio-fertilizer, free from the herbicides and pesticides.
2. Increasing calorific value of biogas by separation of CO2 through membrane technology.
Description: This research project focuses on the synthesis of Mixed Matrix Membranes (MMMs) incorporating Phosphoric acid Activated mesoporous-nano Silica (PAS). The synthesized membranes will assist in the separation of CO2 from natural gas to increase the calorific value of natural gas.
3. Moisture removal from PET (polyethylene-teraphthalate) in optimum time.
Students: Ali Noor, Hammad Younis
Description: Main objective of this project is to investigate and design a suitable moisture removal process which removes moisture from PET in optimum time. Manufacturing industry of Pakistan involving injection molding and extruding processes is facing a big problem of moisture removal from PET. PET is a material that should be nearly free from moisture to avoid processing problems and defects in the finished products.
4. Designing a model to record and reduce lead time by eliminating process delay in manufacturing industry.
Students: Umair Riaz, Adeel Ahmad Butt, Waleed Mir
Description: Objective of this project is to develop a model to increase the efficiency in layout, material handling and maintenance to eliminate delays in processes and reduce the manufacturing lead time in process industry.
5. Implementation of maturity models to enhance quality of Project.
Description: Research intended to investigate utility of Project, Program and portfolio maturity model in project management improvement and relationship between effective project management processes and Project quality.

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