Dr. Asim Karim

Dr. Asim Karim

Dr. Asim Karim

Associate Professor

Dr. Asim obtained his PhD from Government College University, Lahore and specializes in teaching English Literature. He is serving as Associate Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Social sciences. He has at his credit supervision of PhD and M.Phil dissertations.  He has also published in national and international journals. His areas of teaching and research interest are:  American Drama, American Fiction, Literature and Religion, Post colonialism and Literature, Comparative literature, Literary Theory and South Asian Literature.   Currently he is working on a Monograph on Identity in the Contemporary Pakistani Diaspora Fiction.

  • Literary Theory
  • South Asian Literature in English
  • Language, Gender and Identity


July 2003- to-Sept 2015 Assistant Professor
Department of English Language Literature, Gomal University, DIkhan
April 1994-July 2003 Lecturer
Department of English, Gomal University, DIKhan
October 1991-April 1994 Lecturer
Govt. College kulachi, DIKhan
January 1991-October 1991 Lecturer
Department of English, Gomal University, DIKhan


2012 (January)                     PhD (English Literature) GC University Lahore, Pakistan (First to obtain Doctoral honor in Literature from GCU)
2010                                       Certificate in Teaching English to Young learners, University of Maryland, Baltimore UMBC. USA
2006                                     M.Phil. GC University Lahore
1991                                       MA (English Lit). GU DIKhan (with Distinction: First position).
1988                                      BA. GU DIKhan
1986                                      FSc. Govt College DIKhan
1984                                      SSC. Wensam College DIKhan


  • American Drama
  • American Fiction
  • Postmodernism
  • Literature and Religion
  • Postcolonialism
  • Literature and Multiculturalism
  • Comparative literature
  • ELT
  • Literary Theory
  • Pakistani fiction in English
  • Research


  • Multiculturalism
  • Research
  • Critical Theory
  • Critical Discourse Analysis


  • Shakespearean Studies
  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • American Literature
  • A Critical survey of English Literature
  • Research


  • American Literature
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Classics in Drama: Greeks, English and Scandinavian, Shakespeare: Tragedy, Comedy and history plays
  • English Prose: Bacon, Milton, Swift, Strachey, Russell , Lamb, Hazlitt
  • Literary Criticism: Aristotle, Longinus, Johnson, Arnold, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Arnold, Eliot
  • Classics in Poetry: Chaucer, Milton, Pope, Dryden, Donne
  • Classics in Fiction: Fielding, Hardy, Bronte, Dickens,
  • Modern English Novel: E.M Forster, Lawrence, Virginia Woolf,
  • Romantic Aestheticism: Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, Coleridge


  • Served as Head of English Department Gomal University.
  • Served as Director PhD Program, Dept. of English, UMT, Lahore
  • Served as HOD English Imperial College of Business studies, Lahore
  • Served as HOD English, UOL, Lahore

Contract Faculty Position

  • Associate Professor, English, Dept. of English, University of Management and Technology From Jan. 2013-August 2014
  • HOD English, Imperial College of Business studies, from August 2014 to Oct 2015


  • Kinnaird, Lahore


Selected HEC EVALUATOR for Evaluating Quality Standard of Affiliated Colleges of KPK province under World Bank DL1-4 Project:

  • Inspected /Evaluated Govt Post graduate College (M) Kohat on 27/11/12
  • Inspected /Evaluated Govt Post graduate College Lakki on 29/1112
  • Inspected /Evaluated Govt. Post graduate College BANNUE on 3/12/12
  • Inspected /Evaluated Govt Post graduate College KARAK on 5/11/12
  • Inspected /Evaluated Govt Post graduate College (W) KOHAT on 6/12/12
  • Inspected /Evaluated Govt College No 1 DIkhan on 7/11/12


  • PhD Research Supervision Completed: 1
Title of PhD Research Supervised Year Status
1.       Deconstructing the discourse of Pessimism in the Plays of Tennessee Williams 2014 COMPLETED
  • PhD Supervision in Process : 1
Title Year STATUS
1.       Crossing the Borders: Transgressive Boundaries in the World on VS Naipaul. 2015  Thesis Submitted for External Examination
  • Phil. Supervision Completed: 12
  • IN Progress: 10
Year Status
1. Stylistic Analysis of Loss and Multiculturalism in TS Eliot’s selected Poetry 2014 COMPLETED
2.Post structural Analysis of Gender in Othello and Mid- Summer Night Dream 2014 COMPLETED
3. Bakhtinian Dialogism: Implications for Languages and Cultures 2014 COMPLETED
4. English for Occupational Purposes: Impact on COAOS(Coordination, Operating and Administrative Officers  & Staff) of COMSATS, Lahore Campus 2014 COMPLETED
5. Evaluation of Intelligibility debate from The perspective of Pakistani English  Language Practitioners 2013 COMPLETED
6. Strategies for Improving English language Learning Skill : A case Study of District Bannue 2013 COMPLETED
8. The stylistic analysis and Comparison of the Protagonists in Don Quixote and Sorrowes of Werther 2014 COMPLETED
9.Jungian Analysis of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman 2015 COMPLETED
10.Deconstructive Analysis of Plath’s Poetry 2015 COMPLETED
11.Intertextual Analysis of T. S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and The Waste Land 2016 COMPLETED
12.Phenomenological Analysis of the Supernaturalism in the Selected Plays of Edward Albee 2015 COMPLETED
13.Comparative analysis of Poetic Technique of Frost and Dickinson’s Poetry 2015 COMPLETED
14.Gender Indeterminacy in Dickinson’s Poetry 2016 In progress
15.Self in Dickinson’s Poetry: Jungian Perspectives 2016 COMPLETED
16.Mothers in Roy’s The God of Small Things 2016 In progress
17.Ajoka Theater: Presenter of Liberal Humanist Values 2016 COMPLETED
18.Myth of Feminism: A Comparative study of Margret Atwood ‘s Surfacing and Jean Rhys’s Wide Saragossa Sea 2016 COMPLETED
19.Postmodern Analysis of Supernaturalism in O’Neill’s Selected Plays 2016 In progress
20.Maya Angelou 2016 Completed
21.Foregrounded Irregularities in Perveen Shakir’s Selected Poems 2016 COMPLETED


Served as an external Examiner of M.Phil Research of:

  • Lahore College for Women University Lahore
  • Qurtaba University DIkhan


  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Attended Three Week Professional Development Workshop at University of Maryland Baltimore County USA from July 24 to August 14, 2010
  • Attended 2 days’ workshop on scholarly publishing at NUML Lahore on July, 3 & 4, 2014.

Organizational Skills

  • Organized First ever Art Exhibition in Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan, 2003
  • Organized National Conference of Language, Literature and Culture at ICBs, Lahore in 2015
  • Member Organization Committee of International Conference on Education and Social Sciences , jointly Organized by UOL and Skoto State University Nigeria 2016

CONFERENCE Presentations

  • Presentation in International conference on E Teacher professional Development. August 11, 2010. UMBC, USA
  • KARIM, ASIM. 2014. MULTICULTURALISM, DIALOGISM AND Intertextuality: Critique, exposition and Application. In First international Conference of Language and Literature on Modern and Contemporary language, Literature and Culture, April 14-16, 2014. Organized by Dept. of English GCU, Lahore Pakistan.
  • Karim, Asim. April 15, 2015. Postcolonial Text, Colonial discourse: Analysis of Nadeem Aslam’s the Wasted Vigil. National Conference on Language, Literature and Culture, April 15-16, 2015. Organized by Department of English language and Literature, ICBS, Lahore Pakistan.
  • Karim, Asim and Humaira Kalsoom. 2015. Naipaul travelogue and his Monologic perceptions about Islam and the Non-Arab Muslim world. National Conference on Language, Literature and Culture, April 15-16, 2015. Organized by Department of English language and Literature, ICBS, Lahore Pakistan.
  • Karim, Asim. Feb 2016. Body, Power and transgression in Arundhati Roy’s The God Of small things. International Collaborative Conference on Education and Social sciences. Organized by UOL and Skoto State University Nigeria at UOL, Feb 26-28, 2016


  • Participated in Conference on social sciences Organized by Lahore School of Economics (LSE) on April 4, 2014.
  • Attended SYMPOSIUM. Humanities in English: Literature, language, linguistics and Criticism. Organized by Dept. of English. FCC College and University, Lahore on April 17, 2014.
  • Participated in CONVERSATIONW WITH GAYATRI CHAKRAVARTY SPIVAK. Oct 29, 2014. FCC College Lahore
  • Attended Seminar Lecture on Team Work . Speaker Dr Ali

SEMINAR Lectures

  • Delivered Seminar Lecture on Research and Literature at Lahore Leads University, Lahore Pakistan on 16th April 2014
  • Delivered Seminar lecture on Theory and Literature: Multicultural Perspectives at GIFT University, Gujranwala, Pakistan on 23rd May 2014
  • Delivered Seminar lecture on DEVELOPING RESEARCH PROPOSAL to MPhil Literature Students at UOL, on 26/11/15
  • Delivered Seminar Lecture on THESIS WRITING to MPhil Literature Students at UOL, on 08/12/15


Member KPK Team for Evaluation of Affiliated Colleges of the province.

  • Served as a Member Board Faculty Of Arts , Gomal University DIKhan
  • Served as a Member Board of Studies English Department Gomal University DIKhan
  • Member Board of Study GCWU, Sialkot
  • Served as a Member Graduate Committee of Research , School of Social Sciences and humanities UMT, Lahore
  • Served as a Member Board Faculty of Arts School of Social Sciences and humanities UMT, Lahore
  • Served as a Member Graduate Committee of Research, English Dept. UMT Lahore
  • Served as a Member BASAR, UMT, Lahore
  • Served as a Member academic Council, UMT, Lahore
  • Served as Member Board of studies ICBS, Lahore
  • Served as Member/Convener Board of studies, UOL, Lahore
  • Served as  Member Board of Faculty UOL, Lahore


  • Represented Gomal University as member National Curriculum Revision Committee in 2008 to prepare and draft BS English syllabus for all public and private sector Universities and colleges in the country. The drafted syllabus is now in vogue across the country.


  • Served as Editor English Section DANNISH (Gomal University Students’ Magazine) in 2003-2004. Organized first ever grand Art Exhibition in the university from the platform of DANNISH magazine in 2003.
  • Looking after Gomal University News Letter since 2011.


  • On the invitation from the US Consulate Peshawar, I developed an English Language Project for Federally Administered Tribal Areas students of Gomal University in 2008 for financial support from the US State Department.  Initially the grant was 50000 USD, but later on it was increased to 100,000 USD. The project helped 100 students of the university develop English language skills.  It also brought substantial material/ financial support to the department. It was planned to help department overcome book deficiency, equipment deficiency and support faculty development.  From all these perspectives the project was a success story.


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