Dr. Faisal Mustafa

Dr. Faisal Mustafa

Dean, Faculty Of Management Studies

Ext: 180

Dr. Faisal has 18 years’ international career as Professor, Data Scientist, Senior BI Consultant, IT Transformation Director and a Lead Researcher. He received his PhD from University of Huddersfield, UK and Post Graduate higher education teaching qualification from University of Essex, UK. He has been Senior Faculty Member, Quality Assurance Reviewer and Chair in the leading institution of United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar and Pakistan. He brings with him an excellent higher education academic, industrial collaboration and administrative record. Dr. Faisal’s research interests include Business Information system development, Business Intelligence, Business Forecasting, Business simulation modeling, Investment Valuation & Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, AI planning, Advanced Business Innovations and Semantic web Services platform for businesses. His academia action research strand focuses on multidisciplinary curriculum development, inclusive learning and participatory engagement in a collaborative research environment to support teaching & learning in lifelong sector.

Ph. D. Business Intelligence University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom 2012
PGCE. Higher Education The University of Essex, United Kingdom 2011
PGCert. . The University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom 2009
MSc. . Bahria University 2001


Provost University of Central Punjab 2020
Dean, Faculty of Management Studies University of Central Punjab 2018-2020
Dean, UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab 2016-2017
Head of The Professional Institute University Centre Southend & Thurrock, United Kingdom 2012-2017
Deputy Head of Business & ICT Department (BUSICT), SEC University of Essex, United Kingdom. 2012-2014:
Head of Teaching and Learning SEC University of Essex, United Kingdom 2010-2012
Programm Director BSc (Hons University of Essex, United Kingdom 2004- 2010


Professor University of Central Punjab, Lahore Pakistan; 2018 till date
Associate Professor University of Central Punjab, Lahore Pakistan; 2013 – 2018
Principal Lecturer The Professional Institute, University Centre Southend & Thurrock; United Kingdom 2011- 2013
Principal Lecturer at SEC University of Essex United Kingdom 2009 – 2011
Senior Research Scientist University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom 2006 – 2009
Senior Lecturer University of Portsmouth (NCC), United Kingdom 2004 – 2006
Lecturer Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan 2001 – 2004


Project Director Transformation 2010-2014
Senior Project Consultant Transformation 2009-2010
Project Director Web Services 2006-2009
Senior Consultant AI Project Lead (NHS Projects) 2004-2009
Senior Data Scientist Business Intelligence 2001-2004
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