Dr. Irfan Saleem

Dr. Irfan Saleem

Assistant Professor

Faculty Of UCP Business School

Dr. Irfan Saleem is working as Director BBA-Program and HEC approved supervisor. He obtained his PhD from Sorbonne Business School Paris. Prior to joining UCP, he was affiliated with Groupe de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations, Paris and Institut de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations, Bordeaux. Dr. Saleem has fifteen years of teaching, research and administrative experience. He has published with journals including Corporate Governance, Journal of Behavioural Sciences and Journal of Cleaner Production, edited a book and serving as editor for Int. J. of Governance and Financial Intermediation. His research interests include behavioural corporate governance, OB and leadership.

  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Accountability


Academics Year Institution GPA/Div
Doctorate 2013-16 Sorbonne Business School-IAE Paris, France Scholarship
MS 2006-08 Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Pakistan CGPA 3.40/1st
MBA 2003-05 Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan CGPA 3.15/1st
BS 1997-01 Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan CGPA 3.09/1st


Corporate governance, OB and leadership (see PDF attached for more details)

Doctorate Dissertation

Title: “Cognition and Exploration of Process Oriented Boardroom Dynamics

  • My dissertation was an attempt to discover black-box of boardroom by making sense of the process oriented boardroom dynamics through four integrated studies. The first study explored the nexus among board’s structure and performance. Second study was launched to discover the boardroom’s black-box by investigating relationship among board processes, shared leadership board tasks and firm’s performance. Third study was dedicated to look at relationship among director’s multiple identities, board tasks and power. Final study brought evidence for jurisprudence corporate governance.

Areas of research and teaching interests:

  • Behavioural Corporate Governance, Research Methods in Business and OB.

International Courses:

  • Dec 2013: Introduction to Philosophy, School of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh UK.
  • Dec 2014: Questionnaire Design, Institute for Social research, University of, Michigan USA.
  • Mar 2015: Game Theory, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo, Japan.


  • Apr 2016 – to date: Director BBA Program & Assistant Professor, UCP Lahore Pakistan
  • Sep 2014 – Mar 2016: Researcher, GREGOR Paris, France
  • Sep 2013 – Sep 2014:  Research and Teaching Assistant, Université de Bordeaux, France
  • Sept 2010 – Sept 2013: Assistant Professor, UCP Business School, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Dec 2009 – Sept 2010: Deputy Registrar, KCW Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Apr 2008 – Dec 2009:  Project Manager, IST Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Aug 2006 – Mar 2008: Program Officer, CIIT Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Dec 2002 – Jul 2006:    Faculty Member, BZU Multan, Pakistan.
  • Jan 2001 – Nov 2002:  Lecturer, Govt. Civil Lines College Multan, Pakistan.


See sample work at http://orcid.org/0000-0002-1564-6053

  • Publications with ranked journals (i.e. HEC, ABDC and CNRS).
  • Edited a book and presented work at international conferences.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

  1. Nadeem M, Zaman R. & Saleem I. (2017). Boardroom Gender Diversity and Corporate Sustainability Practices: Evidence from Australian Securities Exchange Listed Firms, Journal of Cleaner Production, 149, 874–885. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.02.141
  1. Saleem I. & Zafar J. (2017). “Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge? When to Partner? and When to Stay out of The Way?”, Pakistan Business Review,18(4),1063-1068.(HEC X Category).
  2. Saleem I., Ahmed R. & Saleem N. (2016). Mediating role of Work Exhaustion: The missing linchpin to address Employee’s Turnover. Journal of Behavioural Sciences, 26(2), 156- 173. (HEC X Category).
  1. Siddique I., Saleem I., & Abbas S.A. (2016). SMEs business growth model and mediating role of market orientation, Pakistan Business Review, 17(4), 845-862. (HEC X Category).
  1. Saleem I. (2014). Strategic Management Research: the missing linchpin in developing economy’s context, Business Review, 9(2), 97-105. (Publisher IBA Karachi). (HEC X Category).
  1. Saleem I. & Saleem N. (2014). Mediating role of job satisfaction: Using new evidence to reconcile an old debate. Journal of Behavioural Sciences. 24(1), 130-149. (Publisher PU). (HEC X Category).
  2. Saleem N., Hanan, M.A, Saleem I., Shamshad R.M. (2014). Career Selection: Role of Parent’s Profession, Mass Media and Personal Choice. Bulletin of Education and Research, 36(2), 25-37. (Publisher University of Punjab). (HEC Y Category).
  1. Saleem I. & Khurshid A. (2014). Do Human Resource Practices affect Employee Performance? Pakistan Business Review, 15(4), 669-688. (Publisher Institute of Business Management, Karachi). (HEC X Category).
  1. Abbas A.S., Saleem I. & Roger A. (2014). Investigating the Missing Linchpin between Causes and Outcomes of Psycho-Somatic Stress. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 34(2), 409-422. (Publisher BZU). (HEC Y Category).
  2. Saleem I., Almadi S. & Saleem A. (2013). Do Pakistani Parent’s Still Dominate Career Choice of Generation Next? Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 33(2), 343-350. (Publisher BZU Multan). (HEC Y Category).
  1. Saleem I. (2012). Impact of adopting HRIS on three tiers of HRM: Evidence from Developing Economy. Business Review, 7(2), 96-105. (Publisher IBA Karachi). (HEC X Category).
  1. Saleem, I., Qureshi, T. M., Mustafa, S., Anwar, F., & Hijazi, T. (2011). Role of Information and Communicational Technologies in perceived Organizational Performance: An Empirical Evidence from Higher Education Sector of Pakistan. Business Review, 6(1), 81-93. (Publisher IBA Karachi). (HEC X Category).
  1. Saleem, I., Saleem, A. & Kayani, A. J (2014). Art of Customer Retention in Developing Economy. Journal of Business Strategies, 8(1), 83–96. (Publisher Greenwich University) (HEC Z Category).
  1. Saleem I. & Saleem A. (2013). New evidence in an old debate: Investigating the relationship between compensation factors and organizational effectiveness. Journal of Business Strategies. 7(1), 31-42. (Publisher Greenwich University). (HEC Z Category).
  1. Saleem I., Hussain S.A., Saleem A. (2012). Factors affecting Job Satisfaction of Pakistani Bankers. Journal of Business Strategies, 6(2), 21-29. (Publisher Greenwich University). (HEC Z Category).

Future Research Work / Manuscripts (In press / under review / write-up)

  1. Saleem I., Lamarque E., & Hameed I., (2018). Boardroom’s Shared leadership Model: A missing linchpin to address Board Tasks for enhanced firm’s performance, Corporate Governance: An International Review, (under review) CNRS Ranked Journal (impact factor 1.75)
  2. Saleem I., Ashraf N. Nadeem (2017). Corporate Governance needs for Pak-French Family Business: What’s wrong? What’s right? What’s next? Asian Journal of Management Cases, (R&R) HEC ranked X category Journal
  3. Saleem I., & Lamarque E., (2017). Corporate governance Trends Among Shariah Compliance Firms , Asian Journal of Accounting and Governance (R&R) ABDC ranked Journal
  4. Saleem I., & Lamarque E., (2017). Director’s Multiple Identities and Board Tasks: An Empirical Test of Social Identity Perspective. (write-up)

Book Published (edited)

  1. Feb 2013: Complete guide for NTS GAT/GRE Subject Business Management, Published with Dogar Brothers Lahore Pakistan.

Editorial Member and Reviewer

  • Member Editorial board of J. of Governance and Financial Intermediation published by Inderscience Publishers Ltd (ISSN online: 2399-5033).
  • Member Advisory Board of Journal of Business Management Research Published University of South Asia.
  • Reviewer, Academy of Management Annual Conferences (2013 – 2017).
  • Reviewer, Contemporary Management Research: An International Journal (2013-17).

International Training Assignment(s)

  • April 09-13, 2015: Worked as Master Trainer to conduct Senior Management Training, at Dushanbe Tajikistan on behalf of Rokyan Management Consultancy.

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings and Presentations

  1. United Arab Emirates (Dubai): Saleem I. Ashraf N., Lamarque E., & Ahmad B. (2016). Corporate Governance needs for Pak-French Family Business: What’s wrong? What’s right? What’s next?, 5th Asian Management Research and Case Conference (AMRC) 2016 “Internationalizing Asian Businesses”, organized by University of Wollongong Dubai and LUMS on Jan 16-18, 2016.
  2. Pakistan (Lahore): Saleem , Lamarque E., Khan U (2016). Board Structure-Performance nexus: An empirical evidence from globally listed Shariah Compliance Firms, International conference of Islamic Finance, Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference, organised by LUMS on March 26-27, 2016 http://lums.edu.pk/ifbbe/
  3. Spain (Barcelona): Saleem I., Lamarque E., (2014). Boardroom’s decision-making through effective leadership for enhanced board task performance, Governance Workshop, organized by Toulouse Business School Barcelona on June 9-10, 2014.
  4. Pakistan (Lahore): Saleem I., Lamarque E., Rehman A, & Shamshad, R.M. (2016). Corporate Governance among Sharī`ah compliance Firms, 4th Annual Global Forum on Islamic Finance (GFIF) on March 8 & 9, 2016 http://gfif.ciitlahore.edu.pk/2016/index.aspx
  5. Pakistan (Islamabad):  Saleem  ,  &  Lamarque  E.  (2015).  Board  diversity, structure, and firm’s growth: A research agenda for corporate governance practices among Sharī`ah compliance Institutions, Advancements in Islamic Finance and Business in the 21st Century, 24-25 April 2015.
  6. Saudi Arabia (Jeddah): Saleem I., Zaheer A. (2014) Saudi socio-economic fault-lines and future: A typology for human capital development, Saudi Economy Conference 2014, organized by Faculty of Economics and Administration in King Abdul-Aziz University on April 22-24, 2014. http://feafsnec.net/sites/default/files/FSNEC-ABSTRACTS.pdf
  7. United Arab Emirates (Dubai): Nasir Z.M. & Saleem I. (2015). Socio-economic developments  in  Saudi  Arabia  and  future  prospects:  a  case  of  human  capital development, organized by Global Conference on Business Management and Social Sciences (GCBMS-2015) on April 24-25, 2015.
  8. Pakistan (Muree): Saleem I., Almadi S., (2013). Role of parent’s profession, mass media and personal choice for career selection: evidence from business schools, 5th South Asian International Conference, organized by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology on Dec 4-6, 2013.
  9. Pakistan (Islamabad): Saleem I., Saleem A. (2013). Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Employee Satisfaction, Commitment and Performance, 2nd ICETM 2013, Page 9, organized by Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad Pakistan on June 6, 2013.
  10. Pakistan (Lahore):  Saleem  et    (2012).  Impact  of  Leadership  Styles  on Organizational Performance: Evidence from Public Sector Organization of developing Economy, International Conference on Management Research: Emerging Markets, Role of Education Media, Governance Social & Industrial Development organized by ICIRM, Italy, IESEG France on Nov 29-90, 2012.
  11. Pakistan (Lahore): Saleem et al. (2011). Situational Leadership is successful dynamism for Change Management, Myth or Reality? Organized by LUMS, May 24-25, 2011.

Case Studies Write-up Experience

  1. Saleem et    (2017).  Corporate  Governance  needs  for  Pak-French  Family Business: What’s wrong? What’s right? What’s next? Asian Journal of Management Cases,, LUMS
  2. Saleem et al. (2011). Situational Leadership is successful dynamism for Change Management, Myth or Reality? 1st AMJC International Case Conference, LUM,S May 24-25, 2011.
  3. Saleem I. and M.I. Ramay (2007), Issues and Trends in E-Learning, European Case Clearing House (ECCH), Cranfield University UK
  4. Saleem (2006). One Thing You Cannot Recycle Is Wasted Time, ECCH, Cranfield University UK

MS/PhD Thesis Supervision

  1. 2016-19 Ms. Sana Sheikh, PhD: Thesis Title “Corporate Governance Deviance and its Impact”, HEC Scholar enrolled at NCBA&E Lahore.
  2. 2016-17 Mr. Tahir Waheed, MS: Thesis Title “Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm’s CSR”
  3. 2016-17 Ms. Robin Ahazer, MS: Thesis Title “Multiple Level Model of Shame and Ethical Behavior of Leaders-Followers”
  4. 2016-17, Zara Batool, Collaborative Research Title: “Nonlinear moderating effect of Collective Culture on relations Leadership styles and Employee Behaviour”


DETAILS OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE April 2016 – to date: Director – BBA Program & Assistant Professor
UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab, Lahore Pakistan Administration

  • Working as Director- BBA program to liaison among Dean, HODs and students.
  • Member of UCP-Executive bodies including Academic council (AC), board of Faculty (BoF) and board of Studies (BoS).
  • Revamped BBA Program as per HEC requirements and get approved from BoS, BoF and AC.
  • Focal person for BBA Program accreditation from AMDISA – Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia for BBA Program.
  • Reaccreditation of UCP Business School from NBEAC (National Business Education Accreditation Council) and Accreditation SAQs-AMESA for BBA Program/ Business School.
  • Dealing with conference funding related matters and quality assurance related task of HEC.
  • Member organizing team and scientific committee for 4th ICIBM conference 2017.
  • Coordinated with Associate Dean FMS to organise UCP 19th Convocation December 22, 2016.

Research and Teaching

  • Published research articles and student cases with HEC recognised X – Category journals of reputed universities including LUMS and University of Punjab.
  • Teaching courses to MS (e.g. Corporate Governance and Financial Accountability) and MBA (e.g. Compensation, Incentives and Governance) Programs.
  • In addition to teaching and research, supervising research projects, thesis and case-studies.
  • Promoting research culture as Deputy Director Research UCP.
  • Designed course-pack based on Harvard Cases and business articles for course titled “Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation” as per market needs.
  • Participated and conducted various Faculty Development Workshops.

Sept 2013- Mar 2016: Researcher/RA, GREGOR, Université de Paris 1, France

  • Supported Professor Eric Lamarque at Research Laboratory of Groupe de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations (GREGOR) Paris France for research, teaching and executive trainings.
  • Coordinated with Professor to conduct international trainings for various corporate boards of France, Tunisia, Alegeria and Morocco at Sorbonne Graduate Business School.
  • Submitted manuscripts for ranked journals and presented at international conferences.
  • Assisted Professor Eric Lamarque in various research/teaching assignments at Research Laboratory of Institut de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations (IRGO) Bordeaux France.

Sept 2010 –Sept 2013: Assistant Professor, UCP Business School, Lahore Pakistan

  • Taught courses at graduate and undergraduate level i.e. Business Research Methods, Organizational Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Behaviour and other introductory level courses at University of Central Punjab (UCP).
  • Supervised research projects & case studies for MBA/MS students, promoted research culture as an active team player for research team, resultantly UCP research ranking improved from 86 to56 for year 2011-12 and Supervised student based HR Forum to strengthen industry-academia linkages.
  • Coordinated to organize CEO Summit 2013, Career Carnival 2013 and CV building workshop.
  • Designed Course Outlines in coordination with quality enhancement cell for various courses.
  • Developed personal course packs based on Lahore University of Management Sciences model.
  • Designed MBA project report format including comparative study, impact assessment etc.

Dec 2009 – Oct 2010: Deputy Registrar, KCW Lahore, Pakistan

  • Preparation of SOPs in order to facilitate student i.e. issuance for transcript, corrections in transcripts, addition of repeated/ grade improved course, result correction and designing of answer booklets for Kinnaird College for Women (KCW).
  • Preparation of examination rules and student and staff guideline booklet.
  • Designed transcript with security features including embossed stamp and hidden background.
  • Developed PSDP Budget for 2009-10. Coordinated Vice chairman i.e. member BOG for institutional policy framework i.e. academic, service, financial, and procurement statutes. Provided input to principal, registrar and admission office for academic rule preparation.

Apr 2008 – Dec 2009: Project Manager, IST Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Worked for project titled, ‘Strengthening of Institute of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad’, worth Rs 458.567 Million of Infrastructural and Human Resource Development. Major objectives of project include Institution’s infrastructural Development (94850 sft), procurement of high-tech Equipment and Transport, and MS/PhD level trainings. Additionally taken care of project titled, “Construction of Visiting faculty hotel at IST” worth. Rs 26.675.
  • Preparation of tender document for hiring consults, civil work and High-tech procurement. Assisted project director to prepare project proposals including, ‘Strengthening of Department of Materials Science & Engineering at IST’ worth Rs.451.64 Millions’ and Strengthening of Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad (Revised)’ worth Rs 485.167 Million.
  • Developed work/cash plans of various project reports. Assisted Registrar in preparing IST-Statutes (academic, service, financial, and procurement) and successfully get approved from National Assembly IST Act 2009, Dated: 19.-1.2010.
  • Coordinated registrar to complete admission cycles for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Worked with Dr Kamran Musa regarding ISO 9000 certification of IST.

Aug 2006 – Mar 2008: Program Officer,  CIIT Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Worked as project officer for project titled “Provision of essential facilities at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad”, worth Rs 480.351 million, of infrastructural development and HR development. The plan developed basic infrastructure of H8/1, CIIT Islamabad campus, sent more than 20 personnel at International Universities and meet recurring budget of most of CIIT project staff.
  • Facilitated engineering faculty development project at CIIT. Project, worth Rs 229 million, of HRD. The programs trained more than 100 personnel for MS studies at International Universities.
  • Coordinated project team and prepared project proposal, to cater the future needs of CIIT campuses of Islamabad, Sahiwal, Lahore, Attock, Abbotabad and Wah.
  • Developed project work & cash plans, project proposals (PC-1) and monthly, quarterly and annually (PC-III, PC-IV & PC-V) project reports, for assigned projects and approval of PC-Is through DDWP & CDWP of HEC, MoST, IDB, SPD and other funding agencies worth.

Dec 2002-Jul 2006, Faculty Member, B.Z. University Multan, Pakistan

  • Hired to take care of computer centre of Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU). Perform additional duty of course coordinator for PGD diploma programs, worked as external examiner for affiliated centres and campuses of BZU and lead the team to establish computer labs at Mathematics department. Moreover taught IT and business courses to degree and diploma classes at various departments of BZU and worked as Incharge Computer Centre to maintain and network of more than 100 nodes.

Jan 2001- Nov 2002: Lecturer, Govt. Civil Lines College, Multan (Part-time).

  • Hired to teach IT courses to degree and diploma classes at College in the evening shift.
  • Established IT centres at Govt. College Civil-Lines Multan and Raheem-Yar-Khan.


  • Database(s) used for secondary data analysis: Bloomberg
  • Data Analysis Software(s): AMOS 18, QIQQA, IBM SPSS 19.0
  • Statistical Macros: Process Macro, Preacher and Hayes 2008 for Mediation
  • Database Management: Oracle (SQL), MS-Access, SQL Server.
  • Other IT tools: Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Email Browsing etc
  • Programming: C++, JAVA, ASP, VB 6.0 (Database Programming)


  • PMI Project Manager Training, Islamabad Chapter by CIIT (35 PDUs).
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation System for Result Base Management (Training).
  • Public Procurement Rules by PPRA(Short Training)
  • SUN Certified Java Programmer 2001.


  • July 04-06, 2012: Member organizing team, 2nd Business Conference, ICIBM-2012 at UCP Lahore.
  • June 13-14, 2011: Member organizing team, 1st Business Conference, ICIBM-2011 at UCP Lahore.
  • March 26, 2010: Organized, Faculty workshop on Grading Systems at KCW Lahore, Pakistan.
  • August 18–29, 2009: Organized, ‘ICASE 2009: International Conference on Aerospace and Engineering Institute of Space Technology Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • July 20–24, 2009: Organized, ‘IST Vision 2030’, at IST, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • August 22–23, 2006: Organized, ‘International conference on technology based development: strategies and options for Pakistan’, at COMSATS Institute of Technology Islamabad, Pakistan.

Extension: 553
Faculty Of UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab

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