Dr. Jaleel Akhtar

Dr. Jaleel Akhtar

Assistant Professor

Ext: 558

Dr. Jaleel Akhtar is currently serving as assistant professor in English at University of Central Punjab. He has previously taught at the COMSATS, Lahore (2016-18). He did his MA in Creative and Critical Writing from University of Sussex and earned his doctorate from the same university in American Studies, specializing in Toni Morrison. He is the author of two books “Dismemebrment in the Fiction of Toni Morrison” (shortlisted for the Morrison book award in 2015) and “Toni Morrison and the New Black: Reading God Help the Child”. His research articles are published online and in internationally renowned journals like the Oxford University Press Journal “Contemporary Women’s Writing”. He has successfully supervised a range of research theses and welcomes research topics falling under his areas of research expertise.

PhDEnglish LiteratureSussex University2015
MACreative and Critical WritingSussex University2008
COMSATS University Lahore Campus2 Years
University of Central Punjab2 Years
1Dismemberment in the Fiction of Toni Morrison(Book by Cambridge Scholars 2014)
2Toni Morrison and the New Black: Reading God Help the Child (Routledge 2019)
3Toni Morrison on Mothers and Motherhood (Oxford University Press 2017)
4Narrative Violence in Toni Morrison’s Jazz (Islamic University Press 2017)
5Benjaminian Dialectics of Fashion in God Help the Child (forthcoming)

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