Dr. Shafiq Akhyar

Dr. Shafiq Akhyar


Faculty Of UCP Business School

DR. MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ AKHYAR is the Associate Dean of Administration in UCP Business School. He obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics from Cornell University, USA. He has more than fifty years of teaching and administrative experience at various public and private sector universities. Before joining the University of Central Punjab, he was the Head of the Department of Statistics at the University of Karachi. He also served for fifteen years, as a senior faculty member, in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at King Saud University, Riyadh (KSA). His teaching and research interests include experimental design and data analysis. He has been a member of various professional bodies. He has written many research articles in renowned national and international journals.

  • Business statistics

Academic Qualification


Cornell University N.Y. USA. (1978)


University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan (1960)


University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan (1958)

Teaching Positions

  • Professor 1995- to date
    UCP Business School
  • Assistant Professor 1979-1995
    Department of Statistics & Operations Research, KSU, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Associate Professor 1978-1979
    Department of Statistics, University of Karachi.
  • Assistant Professor 1970-1978
    Department of Statistics, University of Karachi.
  • Lecturer 1964-1970
    Department of Statistics, University of Karachi.
  • Lecturer 1960-1964
    Murray College Sialkot, Pakistan

Subjects Taught

Theory of Statistics and Probability. Theory of estimation. Statistical inference. Sampling Techniques. Analysis of variance. Regression Analysis. Design and analysis of experiments. Linear Model. Multivariate Analysis. Data Analysis through Statistical packages such as Minitab, SAS, BMDP, SPSS and other graphic packages such as Matlab, Statgraphic. Scientific Word, LATex and PCTex program etc.

Other Experience

  • Advisor/Consultant 1995- to date
    PCBA/UCP Business School.
  • Consultant 1979-1995
    Statistical consultant of the Department of Statistics & OR, KSU, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Consultant 1976-1977 Statistical Consultant of the Biometrics Unit, Cornell Univ, N.Y, USA.
  • Administrative 1978-1979 & 1973-1974 Chairman, Department of Statistics, University of Karachi.
  • Technical experience 1982
    Conducted teacher’s training program In BMDP and other packages at KSU, Riyadh.
  • Awards/Scholarship 1984-1974-1977
    Best teacher award by KSU, Riyadh. Central Overseas Training Scholarship, Pakistan.

Published papers

  1. Huda, S. & Shafiq, M (1992). Minimax designs for estimating the slope of a second-order response surface in a cubic region. J. Applied. Statistics, Vol. 19, No. 4, 501-507. U.K.
  1. Shafiq, M. and Huda, S. (1989). On application of association matrices in the analysis of fourth-order rotatable designs, Pakistan J. Statistics., Vol. 5 No 2 Series. A, 131-142.
  1. Huda, S. and Shafiq, M. (1989). A review of recent work on spring balance weighing designs. Proc. First Islamic Countries Conf. Statist. Sciences, Vol. II, 410-422.
  1. Huda, S. and Shafiq, M. (1987). On Ds-efficiency of D-optimal fourth – order rotatable designs, Pakistan J. Statistics., Vol. 3 series B 33-37.
  1. Shafiq, M. (1986). Interblock analysis of generalized N-ary balanced block designs. Pakistan J. Statistics., Vol. II No. 1 Series A. 7-12.
  2. Shafiq, M. and Federer, W. T. (1982) General binary partially balanced block designs J. Ind. Soc. Agr. Statist., pp. 41-55
  1. Manzoor a., R. Naheed and Shafiq, M. (1980). Diversity of Typhlocybine Leafhoppers affecting fruit, plants in Pakistan. Pakistan J. Sci. Ind. Res., Vol. 23, Nos. 1-2, 34-40.
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  1. Shafiq, M. (1977). General binary balanced block design. Biometrics Unit, Cornell Univ. Mimeo Series BU-599-M.
  1. Ahmed, M., Jabbar, A. and Shafiq, M. (1973). Statistical studies of light trap catches of Zyginidia quyumi on wheat in Punjab. J. Sci. Ind. Res. Vol. 16, No. 6, pp. 238-240.
  2. M. Shafiq, and Alam Sher. (1970). On some aspects of randomization tests in simple comparative experiments. Proceedings of Symposium on Statistical inference and data analysis. Pak. Statis. Assoc. pp. 125-130.

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Faculty Of UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab

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