Dr. Shahzad Majeed Tiwana [On Leave]

Dr. Shahzad Majeed Tiwana [On Leave]

Dr. Shahzad Majeed Tiwana [On Leave]

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Computer Science, Spring 2010
University Of Southern California, Los Angeles
MS in Computer Science ,Spring 2003
University Of Southern California, Los Angeles
Bachelors of Science, Electronics and Software Engineering (Honors) 1999,
National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan


Research Assistant — Jet Propulsion Labs (NASA): Worked as Research Assistant with JPL NASA, where I developed a web-services based web application using canned queries that allowed access to a multi-dimensional data set, comprising of the data transmitted by the satellites in the space. The project was part of a larger project named Genesis2 (Fall 2002- Summer 2004).
Information Retrieval on Structured Document Research: As a part of my thesis research, I worked on developing methods to improve search on semi structured documents, in particular U.S. Patent documents. The achievements have been published in shape of scientific papers and are part of my thesis document.
Teaching Assistant — Graduate Level Web Technologies Course, CS department USC: I did as Teaching Assistant with Graduate level web technologies course at USC from Fall 2004 till Spring 2010. The course covered a wide range of client side and server side web technologies, web- servers architectures and the related application layer protocols. My duties included guiding students, teaching classes, correcting exams, making and correcting programming assignments. I was appointed by the CS department to teach CS571 as a visiting faculty during summer 2005 as well. CSCI571 Web Technologies http://cs-server.usc.edu:45678/
Teaching Assistant — Information Retrieval And Search Engines: Composed the information retrieval and search engines seminar course along with my Ph.D. adviser and also did as the TA with the course.
Instructor for computer simulations and C4I systems at HRDC (Human Resource Development Center) Lahore. Instructor for Computer simulations and Course about comparison between C4I systems of modern armies to newly passed out officers at HRDC for two years.
Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department FOIT, UCP since
September 2016
CTO — Orgoo(Integrated web-based communications portal): Responsible for Architectural design and development of a scalable web based messaging system that aggregates and integrates multiple Email services and popular instant messaging
services. Other services like Video Chat and SMS are also a part of the communication portal.
Software Architect (Intern) — Civic Resource Group: Responsible for optimizing and documenting the architecture of CRG Platform, which is a.NET framework and LINQ based platform designed to develop highly extensible web applications. I made the platform 2416 “times” efficient as compared to its previous version.
Civic Resource Group
Software Architect (Intern) — Team One, YourLexusDealer.com and Lexus.com Responsible for the documentation of architectural design and providing recommendations to further improve the technical design and architecture of yourlexusdealer.com web portal. YourlexusDealer
Project Manager— Geotechnical Virtual Data Center: Did as Project manager and key developer of web application developed using Harvester OAIB architecture; implemented using java, XML as data transfer mechanism, MySQL as central repository, MS Access as source databases and ESRI ARCIMS for Web Interface. The life cycle duration was 9 months. The system was designed to collect summary geotechnical test data from organizations including United States Geographical Survey (USGS), California Geographical Survey (CGS), California Transportation (CALTRANS) and Pacific Gas and Electricity (PG&E) and maintained in central repository for search execution. User is directed towards the source once he desires to view test details.
Cadetship: Joined PAF College Sargodha in August1987 as an Army Cadet. Passed out from PAF College Sargodha in 1989 and Joined Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) in November 1989. After passing out from PMA, I joined Army Corps of Signals as 2nd Lieutenant on 10th October 1991.
Commissioned Service: I served on multiple position including Company Officer, Adjutant of the Battalion and Company Commander in my unit.
Service in GHQ : After my bachelor’s degree from NUST, I was posted to C4I (Command, control, communication and computers) Directorate in GHQ; where I was part of the core team, comprising of three members, working on the Requirements and Design of C4I system being developed for Pakistan Army before leaving for MS leading to Ph.D. to USA.
Commitments after joining back from USA after my Ph.D.: I worked as a research professor with NUST for about a year before getting posted to Headquarter Signals, Corps Headquarter Lahore due to ailment of both my parents. I was posted to Quetta, Baluchistan in July 2013 to ensure smooth implementation of HMS (Hospital Management System), which was meant to computerize Military hospitals in Baluchistan. In July 2015 I was posted to a Signal Battalion in Bahawalpur. Since I didn’t find much of my utility in the unit, I requested for retirement from the Military Service which was accepted and I got retired on 10 July 2016.


▪ Swift J., Bobbitt J., Roblee C., Futrelle J., Tiwana S., Peters A., Ali M.,Nasir F., Javed A., Khan Y., Stepp C.; Information Technology Issues in the Development
of the Pilot Cosmos/PEER‐LL Geotechnical Virtual Data Center, ASCE Conf.
Proc. doi:10.1061/40744(154)71
▪ Tiwana S.; SlidingCubes- Mining for Bigger Dense Regions in Sparse Data Cubes.
SEDE2006: 246-252, 2006 ,Los Angeles
▪ Tiwana S.; Reducing Communication while Maximizing Coverage and Quality in
Distributed Crawlers. ICCSA2006: 257-261, 2007, San Diego
▪ Tiwana S., Horowitz E.; Extracting Problem Solved Concepts from Patent
Documents. PAIR09, November 2009, Hong Kong
▪ Tiwana S., Horowitz E.; FindCite – Automatically Finding Prior Art Patents.
PAIR09 , November 2009, HongKong
▪ Tiwana S.; Methods for Improving Search on U.S. Patent Documents. Computer Science Ph.D. Thesis, Computer Science Department, University of Southern California. 2010

Activities and Awards

  • COAS Gold Medal Academics — Bachelors of Electronics and Software Engineering.
  • TROSS (Teachers and Researchers Overseas Scholarship) 2001 — One of the top seven candidates, who were granted this scholarship for Masters Leading to Ph.D. in computer Science, after a nation-wide competitive examination.

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