Dr. Syeda Amber Yousaf

Dr. Syeda Amber Yousaf

Assistant Professor


Dr. Syeda Amber Yousaf is Assistant Professor of Physics at Faculty of Science, UCP. She has previously served in Government College University, Lahore. She received her Ph.D degree in Physics from GCU, Lahore. With a particular interest in Material Science, her expertise lies in the areas of Nanotechnology and solution processable Hybrid Solar Cells, ranging from design and synthesis to characterizations. Dr. Amber, has been involved in highly multidisciplinary projects with different research groups from Imperial College, London, University of Delaware, USA and KAUST, KSA. This experience gave her a deep understanding of the subject and she published her research work in peerreviewed journals. Besides, she has experience in teaching with organizational skills and motivation to lead.

Ph.DPhysicsGovernment College University, Lahore2019
Visiting FacultyFOIT, UCP LahoreDec 2019- Feb 2020
ResearcherKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA2016
ResearcherImperial College London, UK2015
ResearcherKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA2013
Research AssociateGCU Lahore/University of Delaware2011-2013
Visiting LecturerGCU Lahore2010-2012
Research AssociateGCU Lahore2008-2009
LecturerAsim Girls College2004-2008
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