Engr M Zohaib

Engr M Zohaib


Faculty of Information Technology.


MSc Mechatronics & Control Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan (Course work completed).
2013 – 2014 Foundation Course – Electrical, Department of Mechatronics & Control Engineering, UET Lahore, Pakistan, CGPA 3.1.
2009 – 2013 BS Electrical (Computer) Engineering, COMSATS Institute of Information Technol- ogy, Islamabad, CGPA 3.25, 80.7%.


Journal Proceedings
– M. Zohaib, M. Pasha, N. Javaid and J. Iqbal “On the Intelligence Enhancement of Path Planning Algorithms for Obstacle Avoidance”, Studies in Informatics and Control (SIC) Journal, (ISSN: 1220-1766, vol 23, issue 1, I.F=0.913), 2014
– M. Zohaib, M. Pasha, R. A. Riaz, N. Javaid, M. Ilahi and R. D. Khan “Control Strategies for Mobile Robot With Obstacle Avoidance”, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research (JBASR) (ISSN 2090-4304, vol. 3, no. 4, pp.1027-1036), 2013
Conference proceedings
– M. Zohaib, M. Pasha, N. Javaid and J. Iqbal “IBA : Intelligent Bug Algorithm – A Novel Strategy to Navigate Mobile Robots Autonomously”, Springer’s International Multi Topic Conference (IMTIC’13), Jamshoro Pakistan, , CCIS 414, pp. 291–299, 2014
– M. Zohaib, M. Pasha, H. Bushra, K. Hassan and J. Iqbal “Addressing Collision Avoidance and Nonholonomic Constraints of a Wheeled Robot: Modeling and Simulation”, IEEE Inter- national Conference on Robotics & Emerging Al lied Technologies in Engineering (iCREATE), Islamabad Pakistan, pp. 306–311, 2014
– M. Zohaib, M. Pasha, Z. Hassan and J. Iqbal “A Centralized Architecture for Inven- tory Management Using RFID”, IEEE International conference on Robotics & Artificial Intel ligence (ICRAI), Rawalpindi Pakistan, 2016 (Accepted)


Lab Instructor, University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore, Pakistan.
March 24th , 2014 – September 24th , 2016
Associate Lecturer, University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore, Pakistan.
September 24th , 2016 – Ongoing

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