Gohar Hussain

Gohar Hussain

Gohar Hussain

Lab Instructor


BSCS (Software Engineering)
University of Central Punjab
FSc (Pre-Engineering)
Punjab Science College


Mobile Application Developer (Android Studio) – Oriental Teach – Lahore
January 2016 – Present
Workplace Responsibilities

  • Leading team of 4 to 5 developers
  • Work on new apps and remove bugs from old apps
  • Finalize UI/UX design according to requirement
  • Research on new third party libraries


Android Projects

  • MP3 Player – Audio player with custom equalizer.
  • Video Player – App can play video in service on separate screen
  • Flash on Clap – Clap to switch on your mobile flash
  • Phone Finder –Clap at your lost phone to get response
  • ID Announcer – Announce name of caller or messenger
  • Call and SMS alert – Blink Flash when you receive message or get call
  • Screen Lock Apps – Various themed screen locking Applications
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot App – Wi-Fi Hotspot manager
  • Photo editing Apps – Background changing, photo framing and editing Apps
  • Najoomi App – Highlights the detected palm lines

Computer Vision Projects

  • Motion detection on live video – (C++, openCV)  Collision Detection – (C, openGL)
  • Retina Detection – (Python, openCV)
  • Face Detection and tracking – (C++, openCV)
  • Face landmarks Detection (36 points on face) – (C++, openCV, dLib)
  • Map segmentation base on type of area like forest, city and towns – (C++, openCV)
  • Alphabets Recognition – (Python, openCV)
  • Automatic zooming, Panning on live football video(4k)- (C++, openCV)
  • Age, smile and gender Prediction – (C++, openCV)
  • Road sign detection and recognize speed limit – (openCV);

Final year project

ECC (Eye Base Cursor Controller)
Description: Controlling cursor movement on the movement of retina. Main tasks are:

  1. Retina Detection (Accuracy level more than 96%)
  2. Control Movement of Cursor on XY-coordinates
  3. Translator to handle coordinates


  • Android Studio
  • Xamarin
  • OpenCV/Dlib
  • C/C++
  • CCNA (Routing and Switching)
  • Python

Faculty of Information Technology, University of Central Punjab

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