Haleema Asif

Haleema Asif

Assistant Professor

Ext: 441

Haleema Asif has been working at UCP for 10 years. Her area of Specialization is Control Science and Engineering.

M.Sc Electrical Engineering UCP 2015
B.Sc Electrical Engineering UCP 2008
Assistant Professor UCP 2009-Present
1“Multi-Agent Cooperative Control Consensus: A Comparative Review”, Electronics. Vol. # 7, Issue # 2, Pp 22, February 2018. Electronics (Issn 2079-9292; If: 2.110)
2“Pick And Place Multi Axis Arm For Object Sorting Based On Color Sensing” International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Management Applications (Iema 2017)
3“Design And Comparison Of Linear Feedback Control Laws For Inverse Kinematics Based Robotic Arm” 13TH international conference on emerging technologies (ICET 2017)
4“Approach To Perform Combinational Divider Based Floating Point Calculations Using Vhdl Component” Science .International.(Lahore),27(4),4033-4035,2015 Issn 1013-5316;

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